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EU07603A - Eco-Low Shampoo

EU07603A - Anhydrous shampoo


Formulated without silicones or alkyl ether sulfates, this moisturizing shampoo combines sustainability and performances !

A sustainable shampoo to pamper dry hair.

This shampoo was designed to limit environmental impact: active matter content was reduced to 8.5% and ingredients were selected for their biodegradability profile. As a consequence, non-biodegradable ingredients release in water was reduced while product rinsability was optimized to limit water consumption at consumer stage (in vitro screening test).

This optimized combination of surfactants allows the obtention of a textured gel without thickener that quickly creates a dense and creamy foam even with only 8.5% a.m!

Shampoo conditioning efficacy is ensured by PQ-10, used at low content, while XYLISHINE™ moisturizes and repairs hair: it helps maintain the deep hydration of the hair and protect the fiber.
As a result, hair fiber is smoothed and frizz effect limited.

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Anhydrous shampoo

  • November 6, 2020
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