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EU07470P Anhydrous Cream-gel

EU07679P Anhydrous Gel-In-Oil Geltrap™ Emulsion

Innovative dosage form for anhydrous formulas with better texture

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Often used as a way to prevent degradation of water-sensitive APIs, anhydrous formulation also comes with several constraints. The high quantities of solvents, mostly glycol-based, and lipophilic excipients involved can be a challenge to stabilize and give texture adverse to a good patient compliance.

With Gel-in-oil Geltrap™ dosage form

Primarily composed of an hydrophilic internal phase (> 80%)

Through the combination of inverse emulsion polymer SEPINEO™ P 600 and polymeric emulsifier SIMALINE L80, a Gel-in-oil dosage form is majorly composed of an hydrophilic internal phase (> 80%) which can contain high amounts of polar solvents including glycerin, PEG 400, diethylene glycol monoethyl ether, propylene glycol, …

Texture improvement of anhydrous formulas

A Gel-in-oil dosage form drastically improves the touch of formulations, even with a high load of solvents inside. 

  • “Fresh & cushion” effect
  • Less-greasy, less-sticky touch

“Active” dosage form

A Gel-in oil emulsion comes with patient benefits specific to this dosage form:

  • Moisturizing
  • Emollient
  • Water-resistance properties