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EU07470P Anhydrous Cream-gel

EU07471P Anhydrous Emulsion

Improving the texture of anhydrous emulsion for water-sensitive APIs

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Often used as a way to prevent degradation of water-sensitive APIs, anhydrous formulation also comes with several constraints. The high quantities of solvents, mostly glycol-based, and lipophilic excipients involved can be a challenge to stabilize and give texture adverse to a good patient compliance.


Large compatibility with solvents and oils  

SEPINEO™ SE 68 is an emulsifier with strong stabilizing properties, able to successfully emulsify large amounts of the most commonly used solvents and oils. In specific conditions, addition of a rheology-modifying agent might not be needed.

API compatibility  

SEPINEO™ SE 68 is a non-ionic emulsifier, compatible with any kind of API.

Texture improvement

An anhydrous emulsion with SEPINEO™ SE 68 exhibits a more patient-friendly texture as compared to typical anhydrous emulsions or ointments.

  • Homogeneous skin spreading
  • Reduced stickiness, greasiness
  • Intrinsic moisturizing properties of SEPINEO™ SE 68