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AMONYL-Excipient-Foaming agent


AMONYL™ are foaming amphoteric surfactants in liquid form

The AMONYL™ product range is composed of betaine derivatives used for their foaming and cleansing properties.

A range of amphoteric surfactants

AMONYL™ products have foaming and cleansing properties. They can be used to solubilize antimicrobial active agents without altering their properties. This makes them perfect ingredients for formulating antiseptic liquid soaps.
AMONYL™ products are amphoteric surfactants and can therefore be combined with other cationic, anionic or non-ionic agents under certain conditions.

These products are well-tolerated by the skin and mucosa and can be used in a variety of applications:

  •  Antiseptic liquid soaps
  •  Pharmaceutical hair products
  •  Pharmaceutical skin products

The AMONYL™ range

The AMONYL™ range is composed of betaine derivatives in liquid form.

Nom commercial Nom chimique Pouvoir moussant Proriétés nettoyantes
AMONYL 265 BA Cocoalkyldimethyl Betaïne

Bon, ésistant avec de l’eau dure et en forte présence d’électrolytes

Bon + propriétés bactériostatiques

AMONYL 380 BA Cocamidopropyl Betaïne
AMONYL 675 SB Cocamidopropyl hydroxySulfobetaïne Bon, stable, sésistant avec de l’eau dure et en forte présence d’électrolytes Bon


AMONYL™ products are designed for pharmaceutical applications


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