VEGAN BEAUTY : What’s on the menu ?

  • October 19, 2021
  • 3 mins of read time

VEGAN BEAUTY : What’s on the menu ?

Veganism is more than a trend, this is a lifestyle that has come a long way contrary to what the common belief thinks. The exact definition appears in 1988 as a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude all forms of products derived from animals.

What is attracting consumers to this lifestyle?

Consumers aren’t only concerned about vegan diets but are also looking for vegan alternatives in all aspects of their lives in order to have a healthier life and protect the environment. Nowadays, in the wake of the food industry, veganism builds to steam in the beauty space (with an increase of 378% in the last 5 years of products with vegan claims)(mintel report). 

Our Vegan Beauty Menu: 

Wesource offers an appetizing menu with vegan suitable active ingredients inspired from food.

Vegan Beauty : what's on the menu ?


  • Wheat seeds, to feel good about yourself 

Wheat has always been cultivated for its food use. Its seeds contain ceramides similar to those found in the skin.  CERAMOSIDES™ HP  is a unique complex of plant-based ceramides derived from wheat to improve the quality of the complexion and boost self-esteem.

  • The power of Quinoa

The Quinoa is a thousand-year-old edible plant used since the Incas. It presents a high nutritional value due to its richness in minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids.The ingredient ADIPOLESSECO has a slimming and anti-dark circles action.


  • Wild spinach and hair regains its natural vitality 

Also known as Sea Beet, this edible plant grows to the seaside and has been used for millennia as a vegetable. SEA SATIN  is a natural ingredient for hair conditioner & scalp soother. 

  • Sea kale, a delicious antioxidant

This edible plant is used to be considered as a delicacy at the Versailles court as well as in Great Britain during the Victorien era. BLUE SEAKALE HC is adapted to hair protection against oxidation while BLUE SEAKALE SC is used for skin barriere reinforcement. Thus, this plant presents 2-in-1 properties for skin & hair care applications. 


  • Sea fennel, global protection of the skin

This halophytic plant is adapted to the extreme living conditions of marine coasts. NATIVE ESSENCE offers global protection with detoxification and restructuration of the skin by stimulating the synthesis of ceramides and filaggrin.

  • Gotu-kola, the healthy skin you are looking for!

Also known as Centella asiatica, this plant is grown wild in Madagascar. The composition of this plant is very stable from one harvest to another and presents large quantities of active molecules. TALADVANCE is the molecular image of the leaf Malagasy plant in its wild state. Its richness in triterpenes and polyphenols makes it a powerful active ingredient to improve skin suppleness and complexion radiance.


  • Great burdock, the harmony to reactive skin 

The active ingredient EQUIBIOME is a natural extract of young roots of Great Burdock which offers a unique composition with high content of root metabolites by using a non-destructive extraction process. It brings harmony and comfort to reactive skin by providing favorable conditions for a biodiverse skin-microbiota ecosystem.

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