New results for TECA show fast repairing of damaged skin.

  • June 25, 2020
  • 1 minute of read time

New results for TECA show fast repairing of damaged skin.

Seppic presents new results on fast repairing of damaged skin by TECA, an active ingredient purified in triterpene molecules.

TECA was the first extract of Centella asiatica used for its repairing properties in medicinal grade. By extension, Seppic also offers a cosmetic grade of TECA with restorative properties. TECA accelerates skin repair process on damaged skin and acts on the restoration of its integrity.

A new in vivo study shows that skin repairs faster after a laser procedure when using TECA :

  • Inflammation in the epidermis ends 10 days earlier with TECA compared to placebo.
  • At D4 vs D0, reparation of the dermis density is 60% stronger with TECA .
  • At D14 vs D0, recovery of dermis density and comes back to normal with TECA, which is not the case with placebo.

Centella asiatica, locally called Talapetraka, the grass whose leaves lay on the ground, is harvested from the wild in the highlands of Madagascar. The harvest and supply follow the conditions framed by the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT).