The Inspifactory serie - Episode 2: Adaptogens, new stars of the holistic beauty

  • March 30, 2021
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The Inspifactory serie - Episode 2: Adaptogens, new stars of the holistic beauty

The Inspifactory series by wesource™ is a set of Youtube episodes, dedicated to niche trends and our active science. 

A new episode is released each quarter, featuring 1 or 2 active ingredients. 

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In an increasingly hectic world, consumers are switched on to adapt, cope with stress and find back their inner peace. A group of ingredients lately creates buzz in the health and wellness space: the adaptogenic ingredients.

Adaptogens are natural ingredients, mainly herbs, spices, roots, mushrooms, which are said to focus on reducing physical, chemical and biological stress and get the body back to its baseline. Their specific benefits vary, but in general, they claim to minimize fatigue, improve focus and endurance, and protect the body from stress.

They have been known for longer in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, where they take roots. In 1947, the Russian pharmacist Dr Lazarev studied these plants and called them adaptogens. Since 2013, they have appeared in edgy wellness supplements, snacks and beverages, targeting stress relief and mental clarity. Today, considering the toll on mental health and widespread anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the adaptogen conversation has accelerated, driving its penetration levels up. 
Moreover, in their quest of better balance of body and mind, consumers give an importance to skincare. Then, although they are still niche, these superherbs slowly pop up in skincare jars and tubes thanks to their natural and holistic attributes.

Indeed, stress can have a significant negative impact on skin health: it may increase inflammation, interfere with wound healing, trigger premature skin aging, and can affect skin homeostasis.

Adaptogens in figures in beauty: 

Over the last 4 years, skin care products containing an adaptogenic ingredient represent only 0,1% of total skincare launches. They are still niche, but they have seen an impressive growth of 660% between 2016 and 2020. 

Most launches are in the USA, UK, Germany or France, where the need for coping with stress or improving the overall wellbeing are on rise. More recently, in 2020, we observe an emergence of adaptogen-based skincare in Asia Pacific. 
Launch activity shows that anti-ageing and brightening features respectively in 70% and 50% of adaptogen beauty products. 

Companies using adaptogenic ingredients tend to follow natural, environmentally friendly and socially responsible principles. For example, 97% of adaptogen beauty products are botanicals and 56% are environmentally friendly.

Alongside stress relief, moisturization (80%), anti-ageing (70%) and brightening (50%)are also key claims for these launches. Moreover, patent activity suggests we will continue to see NPD in anti-ageing skincare based on adaptogen ingredients, as well as increasing launches of brightening skincare products, and particularly in Asia.
Source: Mintel GNPD

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Leading adaptogens in skincare are holy basil (Ocimum sanctum leaf), ashwagandha (Whitania somnifera root) or different types of ginseng and more recently, gotu kola has carved out a place among them. Gotu Kola, a little herb also known as Centella asiatica, means “Fountain of Youth” in India. Eaten as a green leafy vegetable or drunk in decoction, its leaves are praised as an adaptogenic ingredient for their remarkable properties of calming anxiety and  improving memory and concentration.

Armed with its expertise in botanical extraction, wesource™ sustainably collects leaves of Gotu Kola in Madagascar and offers an adaptogenic solution for skin: TALADVANCE™.

Thanks to its composition close to the molecular content of Centella asiatica in triterpenes and polyphenols, it acts as a true adaptogenic agent: it ensures skin homeostasis,  that is the capacity of skin to maintain its balance, whatever the external constraints. 

Thus strengthening the foundations of a healthy skin, TALADVANCE™ offers one of the utmost benefits of wellbeing: the glow ! 

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