Tips for flawless complexion

  • December 21, 2021
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Tips for flawless complexion

Elodie Brun - Seppic
Elodie Brun
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Sabrina Mizaël
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Céline Blanchard

The High Definition-selfie revolutionizes our make-up routines as it reveals every irregularity of our skin. Our skin-image has to be perfect at any time: we are looking for a flawless complexion! In aim of getting this perfect complexion, we have to specifically prepare our skin but also bring immediate effects.


For immediate effect, what’s better than a blur? The number of blur launches has dramatically increased in 2017 in North America (multiplied by 12 vs 2016 - Mintel, January 2018). This untinted product is made of powder blends which bring a soft focus effect and smoothes skin irregularities.

Immediate effect can also be achieved by playing with reflections, shadows and light. New application techniques such as contouring or strobing are based on this principle. On top of color, make-up products need mattifying or illuminating properties. Matte effect is one of the main make-up customer expectations. In 2015, 28% of UK customers declared that it was a criteria of choice (Lightspeed GMI/Mintel, April 2015). Indeed, the number of make-up products claiming a mattifying effect has almost doubled in the last 5 years in Europe (Mintel, January 2018).

Long term preparation is as well essential for getting a perfect complexion. It can be provided by a regular application of skin care products but also by the make-up itself. It implies the use of actives which work on minimizing imperfections, reducing pores or smoothing irregularities. Radiance and uniformity are becoming the new must have! In the USA, the selfie generation is more interested in pore minimizing products than any other innovation in colour cosmetics (Mintel, July 2017).

Seppic offers solutions to adapt formulations to these new trends and make our skin camera ready!


EMOSMART™ and EMOGREEN™, complexion perfectors

EMOSMART™ and EMOGREEN™ are inert oils, readily biodegradable and fluid. The patented production process allows for high purity products. These neutral alkanes (inert and non-polar) are compatible with extreme formulation conditions. They’re not sensitive to oxidation, pH change or oxidizing/reducing media.

EMOGREEN™ range is based on a vegetable and sustainable biomass (the non GMO initial raw material is traceable to plantations and covered by a Mass Balance certificate according to RSPO). EMOGREEN™ is COSMOS and NATRUE certified.

EMOSMART™ and EMOGREEN™ all reveal mattifying properties (reflectometer measurement). EMOSMART™ L19 and EMOGREEN™ L15 show a quick matte effect (after one minute). EMOGREEN™ L19 shows a similar profile to volatile silicone oils, as it gives a progressive matte finish to the skin.

EMOSMART™ C28 allows to obtain a non matte effect, slightly shiny that matches with the Korean trends called “dewy”, for a “morning dew” complexion, glossy and luminous but non greasy.


MONTANOV™ 202, mattifying effect

“Shiny skin” is one of the most frequent beauty search on internet, it reaches a peak during summer, period at which women usually complain about having a greasy and shiny skin, visible and clogged pores.

Shiny skin factors? Heat, sweat, sebum, pollution… The result is a skin which seems not always clean… true hell during summer, but also during winter. A possible solution is the use of a mattifying cream!

MONTANOV™ 202 is a 100% plant based, non ionic emulsifier. It is Cosmos, Natrue and Ecocert approved. This liquid crystal promoter allows to formulate ultra white thick lotions to fluid creams. It provides a light and soft skin feel to the textures. This emulsifier is also known to have moisturizing properties.

MONTANOV™ 202 has a proven mattifying effect by shine measurement at 3% in a 20% oil formulation. Indeed, MONTANOV™ 202 allows to decrease by 98% the skin glossiness in comparison with a formula without MONTANOV™ 202 (gloss meter measurement). Tested at 5% MONTANOV™ 202 has been evaluated non comedogenic.


TALADVANCE™, immediate radiance

Skin radiance is a complex concept since it comes from many factors: texture of the skin surface, shininess, microcirculation, color, and other psychological factors... It appears however that radiance, strictly speaking, closely involves the ability of the skin to reflect light; as a smooth skin surface will reflect more light.

TALADVANCE™ is an extract of Centella asiatica with a molecular content very close to the natural composition of the plant. Besides its common use in traditional Chinese & Ayurvedic medicines, this tropical plant has been reported for various dermo-cosmetic purposes due to its high level in triterpenes & polyphenols.

Tested in vivo with comparison to a placebo, TALADVANCE™ at 5% significantly improves fresh appearance (+35%), complexion uniformity (+9%) and skin radiance (+58%) after only 30 minutes of application. Instantly, the skin is less dull, regains homogeneity & glow!


CERAMOSIDES™ HP, 3-in-1 complexion corrector

CERAMOSIDES™ HP is an active ingredient acting as complexion corrector to wake up the tired and mature skin. This unique (patented) complex of plant-based ceramides identical to those found on the skin and containing a high concentration of omega fatty acids (3, 6 and 9) will give some pep’s to your skin… as to your self-esteem!

CERAMOSIDES™ HP offers 3-in-1 action to prepare and maintain a flawless complexion. Tested in vivo through the eyes of others (experienced judges), CERAMOSIDES™ HP visibly improves the complexion quality (color, uniformity): the complexion is fresher, more “dewy” and more homogenous. CERAMOSIDES™ HP also smoothes skin texture by tightening pores due to skin sagging. Lastly, thanks to moisturizing and antioxidation properties, CERAMOSIDES™ HP maintains healthy skin, protected from imperfections and irregularities.

As an emotion enhancer, CERAMOSIDES™ HP allows to reinforce positive emotions and self-esteem of volunteers, after its high performance on the complexion (neuroscientific double-blinded study on 53 persons vs. placebo).

SEPPIC ingredients have a complementary role in the complexion unification. Some bring a soft focus or a mattifying effect while others work on skin smoothness and radiance .They are the perfect choice to get a flawless complexion!