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Seppic Beauty Trilogy

Seppic drew inspiration from the world of three modern women: Lucie, Emma and Zihan, and analyzed their lifestyle. BEAUTY TRILOGY was born from this work: a trio of beauty concepts that meet the needs and expectations of each of these consumers. BEAUTY TRILOGY is based on a capsule collection of 6 inspiring cosmetics formulas that are part of the trend.

Lucie is concerned about the impact that the products she consumes have on her health and that of her family, whether for food, cosmetics or household products. She is a person looking for a healthier lifestyle but also for well-being and a balance between body and mind: she fits into the #healthyliving lifestyle. Seppic dedicates the WELLNESS BEAUTY concept, which is part of clean cosmetics and holistic beauty trends, to Lucie. HAPPY SKIN formula illustrates it: this “pro-aging” treatment foam stimulates hearing, smell, sight and touch for a unique multi-sensory experience. For taste, it comes with nutritious gums containing CERAMOSIDES™, an anti-aging active ingredient from Seppic's nutritional expertise: a global “inside and out” beauty routine stimulating the five senses.

Emma feels very concerned about the preservation of the environment and the future of the planet. For her, the ethical and environmental impact of the products she consumes are the first criteria of her purchasing decision. Emma is looking for a simpler, ethical lifestyle: she is part of a #betterliving lifestyle. The CONSCIOUS BEAUTY concept developed for her includes highly biodegradable formulas using sustainably sourced ingredients. WeLL: Waste Less Lotion, is a multi-purpose moisturizing lotion developed according to the COSMOS NATURAL standard. It contains HYDRALIXIR™ LD and SEPIFINE™ BB: ingredients from the by-products of industrial manufacturing processes.

Zihan is an urban hyper-connected woman an influencer; not a day goes by without her posting a selfie on social media. On the lookout for new trends, she rushes to the latest hi-tech innovations soon as they become available: she embodies #superliving. Through the AUGMENTED BEAUTY concept, putting science and technology at the service of beauty, the Seppic teams have developed INSTA SHIELD FOUNDATION for her: a multi-protective foundation with natural coverage. It protects the skin from blue-light exposure thanks to the extract of Hedychium Coronarium: SAKADIKIUM™.

WELLNESS, CONNECTED & AUGMENTED BEAUTY is a trio of inspiring concepts linked to new lifestyles. Seppic looks into the future and invites you to discover the cosmetics of tomorrow through its BEAUTY TRILOGY collection.

Beauty Trilogy Episode 1: Wellness Beauty for Lucie #healthyliving

Beauty Trilogy Episode 2: Conscious Beauty for Emma #betterliving

 Beauty Trilogy Episode 3: Augmented Beauty for Zihan #superliving