Polymeric thickeners and stabilizers
The art of polymers at the service of beauty

Seppic Polymers

Like an ensemble of synchronized swimmers performing in an aquatic ballet, with aesthetically pleasing and perfectly stable sequences, our polymer networks elegantly coordinate to texture the water and deliver performance. Their thickening, stabilizing, and texturizing powers make your formula a true sensory work of art!


In the world of beauty, Seppic is a pioneer in polymer science. Known for their ease of use and their thickening and stabilizing properties, our polymers are adapted to the most complex formulations. Just as Sepigel 305™ revolutionized formulations when first launched, Seppic continues to develop new solutions to create novel sensory experiences. And at a time when beauty is becoming more minimalist and eco-responsible, our versatile polymers can be formulated cold, open up an unlimited world of creativity for formulators while reducing environmental impact.


The texture of water

The texture of water, source of performance

As in an aquatic ballet, the anionic morphology of our polymers allows them to deploy in water with agility along a dense and structured network. Texturing the water, the polymers give birth to a robust yet flexible framework that opens up an infinite array of artistic figures: novel sensory textures and, rich and voluptuous formulas, from light to fresh and transparent, from elaborate to minimalist.

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Discover Sepiplus™ 400 and Simulgel NS.


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Bio-based polymers

Bio-based polymers, for a serene beauty

At a time when beauty is increasingly demanding and transparent, we are placing eco-design at the heart of our innovation to combine technology and sustainability.

Stemming from a new generation of multifunctional polymers with a high percentage of natural components Sepilife™ Nude allows the formulation of biodegradable finished products to limit environmental impact. Solagum™ AX, a 100% natural polymer, offers excellent biodegradability without compromising on sensory experience and performance.

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Sensory experience

Sensory experience, stirring emotion

At Seppic, we consider sensory experiences to be essential. Beyond technical performance, our polymers enhance textures to offer consumers an infinite number of emotional experiences with scientifically proven sensory benefits.

Sepimax Zen™ surprises with its comfort and smoothness and Sepinov™ EMT 10 brings a satin and fresh sheen, while the gels from Simulgel™ I-NS 100 trigger "the most" pleasure.


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The study of the rheological properties of polymers makes it possible to develop texture and performance profiles adapted to consumer expectations. Our expertise in this field, developed over many years, offers a very wide range of rheological profiles: stable and flexible polymers that are easy to process and have emulsifying or suspensive properties.

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Several eco-designed grades of our polymers are available. When a polymer is manufactured using palm oil derivatives it is certified. All of our polymers can be used in cold formulations in order to save time and energy in the manufacturing of cosmetic products.


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