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Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, weekend warriors all have the same goals: to improve their performance and sustain an active lifestyle in the long run. To reach their goals, they need to be able to improve their muscle power output and recovery, and optimize their hydration.


The impact of muscle fatigue and muscle damage on performance and recovery

Intense or prolonged exercise causes muscle fatigue and muscle damage that are associated with perceptible signs such as soreness, cramps or a decrease in strength. It has a direct impact on training with a decrease in performance, poor recovery and difficulties getting back to daily training.

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Sepifit™ Protect Muscle protection for recovery and performance

Sepifit™ Protect is an active complex containing antioxidants and offering complete muscle protection against fatigue and

damage induced by exercise. It helps optimize performance and recovery, thanks to its synergistic action on muscle cells.

Sepifit™ Protect benefits have been shown in a proprietary human clinical study.

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Sepifit™ Protect

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loss of muscular powder capacity

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CK level variation


Mitochondria: powerhouses of the cells

Muscle cells require a lot of energy, produced by the mitochondria, for both daily activities and exercise. Mitochondria convert energy extracted from nutrients into ATP, the fuel of our muscles. Citrus flavonoids can interact at the mitochondrial level, contributing to maintain high energetic demand and redox homeostasis.

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Watts'Up™ Power to the athletes

Watts’Up™ has a positive effect on the ATP production in the mitochondria, lowering levels of oxidative stress (ROS) and increasing energy availability in the muscle.

Watts'Up™ benefits have been shown in multiple proprietary human clinical studies.

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increase of sustained aerobic derived power

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peak power


Aiming for optimal hydration

Maintaining optimal hydration is essential in order for the body to function correctly, especially during exercise. When dehydrated, it is important to restore your body's water balance as soon as possible. 

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Hydra4G™ Bringing hydration to the next level

Hydra4G is a blend of chelated salts in powder form. Calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium salts were carefully selected and formulated for their important physiological function during exercise.

Hydra4G blends perfectly into sports drinks and powder drinks to provide an optimal ratio of electrolytes for hydration.

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