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Safr’Inside™ naturally helps with occasional stressful situations.

Safr’Inside™ is the only saffron extract guaranteed in Safromotivines, a pool of 25 active compounds having complementary effects on stress parameters. Safr’Inside™ is exclusively obtained from the quality Sargol, known as the purest and richest in active compounds, and by the patent process Tech'care extraction™ which preserves the native composition of saffron.

More information about SAFR’INSIDE™

Saffron: a traditional and clinically proven anti-stress

Traditionally used since centuries to relieve emotional stress, saffron has the same effectiveness than well-known common pharmaceutical drugs (fluoxetine, imipramine) after only 1 week of oral supplementation at 30 mg/day, as reported recently in published clinical studies. These benefits don’t come from only one saffron active compound, i.e. safranal, crocin, or picrocrocin, but from a synergistic and complementary action of more than 25 compounds: the Safromotivines.  

Preserve the richness of saffron

Safr’Inside™ is obtained from a patented process, Tech'care extraction™, exclusively performed in France. Simultaneously combining soft extraction, using a mild alcoholic solvent, and absorption, using an impregnation support, the Tech'care extraction™ process preserves the concentration of Safromotivines and their unique native profile. Such process allows obtaining the same chemical profile than saffron preparations used in the published clinical studies. This mirror effect guarantees the effectiveness of Safr’Inside™ stress-relief, which has been confirmed in a consumer test. After only 7 days, consumers feel a 16% reduction of daily stress level, and 32% reduction after one month.

The highest concentration in Safromotivines

Safr’Inside™ is exclusively obtained from the redder part of saffron stigmas, corresponding to the Sargol quality, i.e. the purest quality of saffron and the richest in active compounds according to ISO 3632 regulation. Safr’Inside™ provides the highest content in Safromotivines (12%). This premium quality has been confirmed by in-house U-HPLC analyzes.

A certified premium quality

Safr’Inside™ is guaranteed 100% original saffron (Crocus sativus L.) by US genetic analyses. Its quality is controlled for each batch by official and independent French authorities (DGCCRF) and laboratories (CNRS), certifying the absence of adulterations, synthetic materials or coloring. Safr’Inside™ is available with organic, halal and kosher certifications.


ACTIV'INSIDE develops natural active solutions, scientifically proven to be effective, with differentiating proprietary messages.

Located in Bordeaux, France, ACTIV'INSIDE is also the specialist for grapes and saffron extracts.

SEPPIC distributes ACTIV'INSIDE products in North America.


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