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First-in-class Flavobiotic™

MICROBIOMEX™ is a natural extract from citrus fruit especially designed to change the microbiome composition in the gut. It is a first-in-class Flavobiotic™ that protects the gut barrier and directly leverages the gut microbiome’s potential.

Flavobiotics™ for digestive health

MicrobiomeX™ is a first-in -class Flavobiotic™ consisting of specific flavonoids that provide a unique dual effect on gut health. MicrobiomeX™ has a direct effect through active metabolites and an indirect anti-inflammatory effect on the gut. A positive shift in the gut microbiome leads to a beneficial short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) profile which improves gut barrier function and enhances the immunity in the gut.

More information about MICROBIOMEX™

Clinically studied action

The benefits of MicrobiomeX™ have been assessed in two studies, an in vitro study and an in vivo clinical study, which demonstrated its immune enhancing effects on the gut.

In vitro studies on MicrobiomeX™ have shown that consumption can significantly modulate the gut microbiota, influencing the growth of specific bacterial groups, namely Clostridium cluster XIVa, capable of producing health benefits through SCFA production (e.g. butyrate).

A 12-week randomized, parallel, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was designed to examine the effects of a daily dose of 500mg of MicrobiomeX™ in gut microbiome composition and calprotectin levels. MicrobiomeX™ showed to lead to a significant shift in the SCFA profile and to lower calprotectin levels, suggesting a decreased pathogen load.

After 12 weeks intervention a strong increase of the Clostridium cluster XIVa was observed in the MicrobiomeX™ group compared to the placebo group. This is also reflected by a significant increase in the butyrate proportion of the total SCFA. Furthermore, the butyrate over acetate ratio significantly increased in the MicrobiomeX™ group as compared to the placebo group.

Butyrate has health-promoting effects such as positively affecting gut barrier function and lowering gut inflammation.


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SEPPIC distributes BIOACTOR products in North America and Italy.


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