Mental wellness and Nootropics

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Mental wellness and Nootropics are two areas linked to our brain that are seeing an increasing demand over all demographics.

Mood troubles, including stress and anxiety, and related areas such as sleep are affecting most of us worldwide. Modern lifestyle and recent events are increasing the need for natural solutions to help regulate our body's stress-response system. Saffron and magnesium are proven solutions to help improve our mood troubles through nutrition.

With an aging population and an increasing pace of life, memory and cognitive performance are becoming major concerns. Epidemiological studies have shown that polyphenols have significant impact on brain function. Polyphenols from berries and grapes have been shown to improve short and long terms cognitive performances.


Saffron - The spice of happiness 

Saffron has been traditionally used in the Persian and Indian Ayurvedic medicine for its anxiolytic, calmative and anti-depressant properties for centuries. Modern clinical trials support this long history of use. Saffron benefits on mood as been studied in more than 10 clinical studies. 

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Safr'Inside™ The full benefits of saffron for mood, stress and sleep

Safr’Inside™ is a French patented extract of Persian saffron that naturally helps to support emotional health, improves sleep quality and relieves women premenstrual mood changes. 

Safr'Inside™ is the only encapsulated saffron extract for optimized, clinically studied mood improvements. Exclusively obtained from the sargol quality, known as the purest and richest in active compounds, and thanks to the patent-pending process Tech'care Extraction™, Safr'Inside™ provides a synergistic and complementary action of more than 25 compounds: the Safromotivines. 

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Magnesium and the brain

Magnesium has been shown to act on the brain in several different ways. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety by balancing out cortisol levels and relaxes nerve activity to allow for a better sleep. Magnesium is known to strengthen synapses, making the brain better equipped to store new information.

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Givomag™ Getting the most of your magnesium salt

Givomag™ is a water soluble, tasteless and highly bioavailable source of magnesium. Givomag™ is a form of magnesium​ bound by a glycerophosphate​ ​anion.

This forms a chelate, where magnesium is bound at two points instead of just forming one bond, protecting magnesium throughout digestion and helping with better magnesium absorption

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Grapes and blueberry for cognitive functions

Flavonoid consumption has been positively linked to cognitive prevention in epidemiological studies. More specifically, catechins, flavanols and anthocyanins have shown a positive impact on cognitive function

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Memophenol™ Trust your memory

Memophenol™ is a unique patented solution coming from the association of selected monomers of flavanols and stilbenes from french grape and flavanols, phenolic acids and anthocyanins from wild blueberry.  

Memophenol™ active metabolites have been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier to reach brain tissues for a high efficiency.  Memophenol™ clinical studies show cognitive benefits for  both seniors and students. 

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