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Memophenol™, a patent-pending synergistic formulation clinically proven to enhance learning capacity, and support short and long term memories.

Patented Synergistic effects

Inspired by epidemiological studies, Memophenol™ is a unique formula of French Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) and North-American Wild Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium A.) extracts, providing a unique ratio of carefully selected polyphenols, whose synergistic effects on cognitive performances have been demonstrated, published and patented.

More information about MEMOPHENOL™

Proprietary clinical study on seniors

The effectiveness of Memophenol™ is supported by scientific studies conducted in a R&D approach as part of an international research program in nutrition and memory, named Neurophenol™. 8 pre-clinical studies, conducted on cellular and animal models, as well as one French-Canadian randomized, double blind versus placebo clinical study, involving more than 200 subjects, have been performed.

After 6 months of oral supplementation at 600 mg/day, Memophenol™ improves both learning and memory performances.

Consumer test on students

Considering that 20% of students use smart nootropic drugs with potential side effects to boost their cognitive skills, the Memophenol™ effectiveness on student’s cognitive performances has been evaluated through a consumer test. After only 15 days of oral supplementation at 600 mg/day Memophenol™ boosts the memory, learning and intellectual performances of 3 out of 5 students who were already satisfied by their cognitive skills before the supplementation. Memophenol™ boosts student’s memory performances without any side effects.

Published way of action

Memophenol™ is rich in bioavailable flavonoids, especially in monomers of flavanol, able of crossing the blood-brain barrier to act locally on cognitive functions. Memophenol™ acts on the 2 main parameters involved in memory: it boosts neurogenesis and stimulates synaptic plasticity. Memophenol™ strengthens the memory system, and improves the brain’s ability to store and process information.


ACTIV'INSIDE develops natural active solutions, scientifically proven to be effective, with differentiating proprietary messages.

Located in Bordeaux, France, ACTIV'INSIDE is also the specialist for grapes and saffron extracts.

SEPPIC distributes ACTIV'INSIDE products in North America.


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