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GIVOMAG™ - Minéral chélaté - Glycérophosphate de magnésium - biodisponibilité et absorption élevée - facilement assimilable


Getting the most of your magnesium salt

Glycerophosphate plays a fundamental role in the cell membrane and the main organs tissue constitution, in particular, the brain tissues. In fact, glycerophosphate operates in the phospholipid synthesis. Phospholipids are complex lipids that participate in the constitution of cell membranes and the tissues of the main organs.

GIVOMAG™ is used as a nutritional ingredient to provide magnesium and phosphorus for enrichment of dairy products (milk, yoghurt, cheese, …), beverages (water, soft drinks, fruit juices, …), baby food and in dietary supplements.

Advantages to use GIVOMAG™

  1. A "3 in 1" salt

    It supplies magnesium, glycerol and phosphorus

  2. Double interest

    This type of magnesium salt has a physiologic and metabolic interest due to the glycerophosphate, which is absent in inorganic magnesium salts.

  3. A Superior way

    As part of nutraceuticals or health food, GIVOMAG™ is a highly bioavailable source of magnesium.

  4. Scientific evidences

    Magnesium glycerophosphate is easily digestible and shows excellent absorption. Some other clinical studies show positive effects on cardiovascular system and a muscle relaxant power.

  5. A chelate

    Glycerophosphate is an excellent vector for delivering magnesium into the GI tract.

More information about GIVOMAG™

Technical information

Composition :

-12.5% Mg content

-15.9% P content

Taste & Odour: Neutral

Solubility: Highly water soluble

Appearance: Fine white powder


Isaltis is a leading manufacturer of high quality mineral salts.

Isaltis owns two GMP sites in France, Bernady and Givaudan Lavirotte, where are manufactured glycerophosphate, gluconate, glucoheptonate, citrate and lactate salts.

Seppic distributes Isaltis products in North America.

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