Coriander Seed Oil for Sensitive Skin

  • April 4, 2022
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Coriander Seed Oil for Sensitive Skin

There has been a significant increase in sensitive skin challenges due to a number of factors, including lifestyle, genetics and environment.  Increased pollution, changes in climate, more urban environments and exposure to certain ingredients such as certain synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and colorants can all contribute.  Other influences such as increased emotional stress, lifestyle choices, poor nutrition, allergies, and food sensitivities can also play significant roles in contributing to sensitive skin.


Coriander seeds come from the cilantro plant – Coriandrum sativum – and the oil is produced from the seeds. One of the key uses of coriander seed oil is in support of skin health. Coriander seed oil has demonstrated antifungal, antiseptic, and detoxifying properties. Now, new breakthrough science has revealed that it is also highly effective as an internal, beauty-from-within supplement for supporting sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin has been described as “unpleasant sensory responses to stimuli that should not provoke such sensations”. These sensations may include tightness, stinging, burning, tingling and pain. Sensitive skin is quite common, and may occur in people with a weakened skin barrier, along with those with normal skin. Research shows that approximately 60-70% of individuals globally have characteristics of sensitive skin.


Coriander seed oil is rich in petroselinic acid – an important fatty acid – and studies have shown that it is effective in supporting a healthy inflammation response. Studies on the mechanisms involved in skin reactivity have demonstrated that coriander seed oil is effective orally to help soothe reactive and sensitive skin. Its skin soothing activity has been demonstrated in a number of studies.


One study evaluated the use of a proprietary extract of coriander seed. The study was conducted on female subjects with sensitive and reactive skin for a period of 56 days. It demonstrated that the ingredient was proven to have protective effects against the reactions that sensitive skin is prone to such as redness and stinging sensations.


Coriander seeds have been used traditionally for thousands of years both as a spice, and to support health and wellness, and have been found as far back as 5,000 BC. Now, a growing body of science supports coriander seed oil for its antioxidant potency, and effectiveness in supporting sensitive skin – both internally and topically. 


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