Interview with Valerie Bizot - Pioneer in plant ceramides chemistry for skin health

  • January 15, 2021
  • 3 minutes of read time

Interview with Valerie Bizot - Pioneer in plant ceramides chemistry for skin health

With the booming success of Ceramosides™, Biochemistry PhD and skin science expert, Dr. Valerie Bizot, has firmly planted her feet as the pioneer of plant ceramide chemistry for skin health. Her passion for science and her ability to dive deep into both plant chemistry and skin biology have been the recipe for this winning ingredient. We met with Dr. Bizot to learn more about this story of research and discovery and to get a glimpse into how she developed Ceramosides™.

You’ve been studying plant-based chemistries and human biology for a long time. What would you say was the beginning of your journey to developing Ceramosides™? 

Dr. VALERIE BIZOT: I had focused on both skin health and plant biology for many years, but I really started narrowing down the scope of what I wanted to do and going deeper in 1992. That’s when I began my thesis, “Mechanism of action of plant ceramides to improve skin aging”. At the time, ceramides were known but not studied in depth. So, while I was using my background as the foundation for this work, this is where the process of developing this product really took off. By focusing on one specific target, I was able to explore all the possibilities and continue pushing forward in the right direction.

There are other ingredients that are more commercially well-known, like collagen or hyaluronic acid. Why did you choose to focus on ceramides for skin aging?

Dr. BIZOT: Ceramides can have a real impact on the appearance of the skin as they are key components of the dermis and epidermis, providing the first level of protection to the skin and increasing hydration. I was really interested in making a link between plants and the skin - some of the other ingredients are coming from animals, and that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go in. If you look closely at the different elements of the skin and compare them with plants, ceramides are important components of both. They are really the best resource plants can directly provide us for our skin health. 

What would you say makes Ceramosides™ really unique in its category?

Dr. BIZOT: Ceramosides™ is composed of two main lipids, phytoceramides and DGDG. This specific combination can only be obtained from wheat. The goal of the patented process that we have developed was to get the optimum ratio of these lipids to get the most efficient product out there - and gluten free. Our clinical studies have confirmed the superior efficiency on improving skin moisture and wrinkles with improvements measured after only 15 days. In perfecting the process, we’ve been able to concentrate the lipids, allowing a very small clinical dose. The low dose opens a wide range of innovative formulating options in both nutrition (e.g. powder drinks, gummies, chews) and cosmetics. In fact, the benefits of Ceramosides™ have been studied for both applications - nutritional and cosmetic - Ceramosides™ products can be used at the same time to achieve beautiful skin from the inside and out! 


Ceramosides™ - The most powerful source of phytoceramides

Ceramosides™  is a patented lipidic extract of wheat providing the most efficient source of ceramides. Its efficacy has been clinically studied showing improvements in skin moisturization, elasticity and wrinkles in only 15 days.

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