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Chronological skin aging is universal and inevitable. As more and more information regarding skin aging solutions becomes available, consumer awareness continues to increase and is at an unprecedented high. Topical applications are no longer enough; consumers are now viewing lifestyle as an important factor in the appearance of their skin.

Diet and optimal hydration are perceived to be more impactful on the appearance of the skin than anti-aging skin care product. The beauty care market has expanded beyond topical applications, presenting the advantageous opportunity for beauty from within supplementation.


Ceramides for glowing skin

The primary function of the skin is to create a barrier between the inside and outside of the body, providing protection from the outside environment while keeping inside functional necessities: specifically, water. Like all other organs, human skin undergoes chronological aging. Unlike other organs, the skin is in direct contact with the environment and therefore undergoes the most environmental stress while also being key to outward appearance. 

The skin is constituted of three layers: hypodermis, dermis, and epidermis. The water barrier function is ensured by the outer part of epidermis. This barrier is analogous to a brick wall, with the corneocytes acting as the bricks and the lipids as the mortar, the major lipids being: ceramides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids. This barrier permits the retention of water preventing the formation of cracks.

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Ceramosides™ The most powerful source of phytoceramides

Ceramosides™  is a patented lipidic extract of wheat providing the most efficient source of ceramides.

Its efficacy has been clinically studied showing improvements in skin moisturization, elasticity and wrinkles in only 15 days.

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Oxidative stress and skin damage

At the skin level, the oxidative stress reaction caused by internal and external factors will trigger the formation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) causing the degradation of elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Oxidative stress will also provoke skin lipid peroxidation and various DNA damages. From a physical point of view, this stress reaction will result in a decrease in skin hydration, firmness and elasticity and an increase in fine wrinkles leading to a dull skin appearance and a premature aging of the skin.

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SkinAx2™ A powerful antioxidant tailored for skin anti-aging benefits

SkinAx2™ is an anti-aging new generation formula combining both primary and secondary antioxidants. Four active ingredients, grape flavanol monomers, bioactive SOD, vitamin C and zinc were carefully selected for their synergistic action on restoring skin radiance.

SkinAx2™ patented formula is clinically studied, showing improvement on skin elasticity and luminosity, as well as reduce dark circles and imperfections.

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Sensitive skin, a growing concern

Skin sensitivity is usually defined by unpleasant sensations in response to aggressions that normally should not provoke such reactions. One can have inherent reactive skin, have skin sensitized by environmental aggressions, or just experience temporary sensations of sensitive skin. Face, hair scalp or any body parts, like hands, can be affected by sensitivity.

Almost two third of women suffer skin sensitivity and reactivity. 50% of the general population reports having reactive skin. This is a global and growing phenomenon, fueled by increased pollution exposure, inadequate cosmetic habits and stress.

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Sepibliss™ The first nutrition ingredient dedicated to sensitive skin

Sepibliss™ has been developed to offer an efficient and convenient soothing solution for every skin type.

Clinically studied benefits

Dual action supported by proprietary data: protective and soothing 

Consumer friendly: natural 100% virgin oil, eco-ingredient

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