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ACTIFUL™ is an all-natural complex of orange and pomegranate designed to support active living. With a unique combination of energy enhancement and increased oxygen delivery, Actiful® has been clinically studied to improve physical fitness, mobility and mental wellness.


Vitality enhancer

ACTIFUL™ is an all-natural citrus and pomegranate complex designed to stimulate a greater blood flow and enhance both short-term and long-term energy systems, boosting vitality and activity. ACTIFUL™ efficacy has been tested in 4 clinical studies.

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Clinically studied action

In placebo controlled pilot studies, ACTIFUL™ has been shown to increase flow-mediated dilation (FMD). FMD is a direct marker of the flexibility of the arteries since it shows the capability to adapt to changes in blood flow, for example, during exercise when the muscles need more oxygen and more nutrients to function. Higher aerobic power output was observed with ACTIFUL™. Higher and sustained power was generated throughout a whole 10-minute until exhaustion exercise. ACTIFUL™ also showed an increase in anaerobic power during a 30 seconds Wingate Anaerobic Test.

In the latest placebo controlled clinical study, as expected anaerobic power (handgrip strength) significantly improved. Interestingly, the WHO Quality of Life scores on mental wellness significantly increased in the ACTIFUL™ group compared to placebo. Parameters relating to: stress, anxiety, focus, energy and happiness improved, underscoring that body and mind are working in tandem with ACTIFUL®.


BIOACTOR develops clinically tested health ingredients for use in dietary supplements and functional food.

SEPPIC distributes BIOACTOR products in North America and Italy.


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