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LA60015B - Jugaad detox "emulsion-like" sensation-cold processable

LA60015B - Jugaad detox "emulsion-like" sensation

Cold processable - LA60015B

A minimalist formula (7 ingredients including 2 actives) for body care with detox properties and extra-fresh-andrich texture. Cold processed from the chassis formula LA60015A with an addition of EASYNOV™.

  • A new texture and sensorial experience which plays with ingredients and galenic.
    • With the addition of the emulsifier, this formula provides the same sensations as an emulsion but produced from a cold process: even more finesse, richness and a better pick up than the cream gel base.
    • A quick break effect and a lighter texture: an emotional experience different from GELTRAP ™ LA60015C, which is formulated with the same ingredients but a different galenic.
  • AQUAXYL™ brings long lasting moisturizing and BIOPLASMA™ FA, desert micro-algae, detoxifies the skin
  • The richness of an emulsion produced with high energy saving (- 97%*), time saving (- 80%*) and simple process: the Jugaad Concept of Cosmetic!

* Calculation vs O/W emulsion with MONTANOV™ L instead of EASYNOV™, hot process (5kg)

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LA60015B - Jugaad detox "emulsion-like" sensation-cold processable

LA60015B - Jugaad detox "emulsion-like" sensation-cold processable

  • May 26, 2020
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