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When it comes to Beauty, we believe that there is no greater inspiration than life itself.

For Seppic, active science means being curious about the world.

It means being inspired by the raw materials that make up life, and which, when combined with innovation, create solutions that truly empower beauty.

This is what we call Beauty from the Origins.

Dive into the inspiring world of Seppic actives.



The forest protector

Madagascar's primary forest is host to a well-kept secret, the "Protector of the Forest.”

The Harungana tree is an exceptional natural barrier protecting forest ecosystems from external aggressions, and even repairing them when damaged.

Our ethnobotanists work hand in hand with local communities to respectfully harvest Harungana leaves that are rich in active ingredients. These soothe the skin just as the Harungana tree protects the forest.

This is how we act to build close and long-term relationships with local communities.

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Antioxidant activity

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Soothing activity

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The richness of biodiversity

Of the 13,000 species of macroalgae listed, only 50 are used in cosmetics today.

By cultivating rare and little-known species of macroalgae in the laboratory, our researchers are pursuing this precious, unexplored biodiversity. We have created the very first collection of isolated macroalgae cells that are each identified for their unique skin properties. We can multiply them anytime and ensure an industrial production without damaging the natural ecosystem.

This is how we engage in conscious innovation.

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In-laboratory macroalgae cells culture in the world


Cells species isolated for their skin properties

When wood becomes our inspiration

Water is a precious resource, a universal element of life that provides strength and vitality.

In 3.8 billion years of evolution, wood has developed a unique sugar complex to capture and keep this essential element within its core. Inspired by nature, we have created Xylishine™, a unique complex of sugars bio-inspired from wood, to provide relief for damaged hair. We design high-performance and proven-efficacy active ingredients for skin and hair care, along with inspiring stories and concepts.

This is how we serve each of our customers.

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Deep hair moisture

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Hair shine


Conscious innovation for active ingredients with proven efficacy.

Botanical extraction

Botanical extraction

Fully embracing biodiversity and respecting traditional know-hows around the world, we explore the power of plants. We seek high-performance active ingredients obtained by extracting and purifying ethically grown and harvested plants.

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Marine biotechnologies

Marine biotechnologies

We connect you to the magical world of marine active ingredients. The Bréhat archipelago, the “underwater Amazon,” is a pure and preserved site, a treasure trove of inspiration. We create substantiated active ingredients while fully preserving the natural biodiversity and developing biotechnologies in harmony with the marine ecosystem.

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Plant-based chemistry

Plant-based chemistry

Both the raw materials that make up life and our expertise in responsible chemistry are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. We create innovative and eco-designed molecules to empower beauty, such as Aminovector™ (lipoaminoacids), sugars, and minerals.

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With Seppic actives, our services go beyond offering active ingredients. As passionate experts, we are committed to supporting and meeting the specific needs of all our customers around the world. We love sharing our knowledge of active science and offering practical training on skin and hair biology, our ingredients with their formulation. Local technical centers on four continents answer our customers' requests.

Our Seppic actives Life Science team answers customer questions about the biology and action mechanism of our active ingredients and can also conduct custom testing. Our Seppic actives Inspirational Marketing team provides personalized assistance to our customers in defining the marketing orientations of their products in development. We explore concepts around our active ingredients to create inspiring stories and market trend-sensitive product claims.