P.U.R.E.D: a cosmetic routine for oily and acne-prone skin

  • June 6, 2022
  • 5 minutes of read time

P.U.R.E.D: a cosmetic routine for oily and acne-prone skin

Cutaneous imbalance is a global concern touching all of us. At some point in our lives, our body will be in need of specific care to restore its harmony. Several external factors (dust, air pollution, heat...) or internal factors (high sebum secretion, hyperkeratinization, irritations, microbiome disbalance...) can influence our skin & make it react. These reactions imply a higher sebum, pore clogging, irritations etc., thus leading to blemishes, making people feel less comfortable. 

China, the USA, UK and Brazil are the most dynamic markets when it comes to purifying products. A growth of the masstige and premium segments is observed and demonstrates a growing interest in more sophisticated products. The leave-on formats are important where creams are a must-have, jellies are on the rise and serums are booming. If cleansing products remain key, specific skin care products dedicated to oily and blemish-prone skin have slowly become unavoidable.

To develop performant products, the use of specific active ingredients targeting the appropriate biological factor and restoring skin balance are valuable assets. Discover below the Seppic purifying routine highlighting 5 formulas containing powerful active ingredients.

“R” for rebalancing - The cleansing step

The cleansing step for oily and/or acne-prone skin is key. For many years, the strategy has been to remove as much sebum as possible, even at the risk of drying out the skin. Nowadays, milder products appear on the market. Formats enhancing skin comfort and evoking more care like creams, serums or balms featuring active ingredients gain in popularity. For more classical formulations, the choice of milder surfactants and/or a lower concentration is decisive.

In the Seppic “ RE-BALANCING MILD CLEANSING FOAM”, the concentration of surfactant was reduced versus classical formulations. The formulation is liquid and used with a self-foaming pump. PROTEOL™ APL EF, an anionic surfactant derived from amino-acids characteristics of apple juice, adds extra mildness. FLUIDIPURE™ 8G, a green-chemistry derived active ingredient, allows purifying the skin by reducing oiliness and decreasing the amount of Cutibacterium acnes. Its action is complemented by EQUIBIOME™, a soothing active ingredient derived from the Great Burdock, a European healing plant, balancing the diversity of the skin microbiota for a reinforced skin barrier.

Re-balancing mild cleansing foam - EU07495

To remember

  • Oil removal without drying out skin thanks to
    • Mild surfactant derived from amino-acids characteristics of apple juice
  • Oil control, skin barrier reinforcement and microbiota balance:
    • Dermopurifying active ingredient derived from amino acids
    • Moisturizing and soothing active ingredient based on the Great Burdock

“U” for uniformizing - The daily care

If skin cleansing was always considered a must-have for oily, acne- and / or blemish prone skin, daily dedicated care has been more recently considered unavoidable. This type of product takes into account the oiliness of the skin and features active ingredients targeting blemishes in a curative but also preventive way.

In the Seppic “UNIFORM SKIN GLOBAL DAILY CARE”, the usage of two polymers, SIMULGEL™ NS and SEPINOV™ EMT10, ensures a fresh melting texture with a comfortable touch. Three active ingredients care for key skin needs. AQUAXYL™, a xylitol-based sugar complex, brings deep moisturization to the skin whereas SEPICALM™ VG WP, a combination of lipoaminoacid and water lily extract, targets inflammation-induced pigmentation. Finally, SUBLIGANA™, an antioxidant botanical extract from an endemic plant of Madagascar “Harungana madagascariensis”, targets black and white spots for flawless skin.

Anti-imperfections daily care - EU07433A

To remember

  • Fresh texture with comfort touch
    • The combination of two polymeric thickeners create a cream-gel texture while bringing satin-like skin feel

  • Moisturization, antioxidant power and anti-blemish action for flawless skin

    • Sugar-based active ingredient with short and long term moisturization and skin barrier reinforcement benefits

    • Combination of traditional water lily extract and a lipoaminoacid for even skin and soothing benefits

    • A natural botanical extract coming from the Malagasy biodiversity with powerful antioxidant benefits for flawless skin 

 “P” for purifying - The purifying serum

Serum formats have been booming for a few years. Usually light, but rich in active molecules, they allow boosting the daily routine and address punctual specific needs along the day.

The Seppic “ PURIFYING LIGHT OIL-FREE SERUM” is a minimalist formula based on a cream-gel chassis featuring two active ingredients. LIPACIDE™ C8G and LIPACIDE™ UG are two purifying lipoaminoacids with oil-control properties. LIPACIDE™ C8G has furthermore benefits for imperfections and skin roughness. Tested in “mascne” conditions, it demonstrated a reduction of imperfections, pores appearance & skin rugosity for a better skin texture.

Purifying light oil-free serum - EU07256B

To remember

  • Easy spreadability
    • The usage of two polymeric thickeners create a cream-gel chassis easy to spread with a light velvety and silicone-like skin feel

  • Oil-control and improvement of skin texture
    • Dermopurifying oil-control active ingredients with smoothing skin texture benefit

 “E” for exfoliating - The exfoliation step

Exfoliators are hero products to use approximately once a week. They care for eliminating dead cells and smooth skin texture, which are common challenges of oily, acne- and/or blemish prone skins.

The “EXPERT EXFOLIATING GEL” of Seppic features salicylic acid with SEPICONTROL™ A5 for complementary benefits: the acid exfoliates the skin for immediate effects while the combination of lipoaminoacid and cinnamon extract targets long-term benefits like skin soothing, purifying and hyperkeratinization- regulation.AQUAXYL™, a moisturizing sugar complex, reinforces the skin barrier. Finally, SOLAGUM™ TARA and SEPIMAX ZEN™ ensure the stability and thicken this low pH gel.

Expert exfoliating gel - AS40043C

To remember

  • Exfoliating gel with salicylic acid
    • Two thickeners ensure the compatibility with the acidic pH

  • Skin-regulating complex with:
    • 5-in-1 complete dermopurifying active ingredient combining a lipoaminoacid and a cinnamon extract

    • Sugar-based active ingredient with short and long term moisturization and skin barrier reinforcement benefits

    • A soothing cocktail of minerals and lipoaminoacid for happy skin

 “D” for depollution - The anti-pollution ritual

More and more people live in urban areas where pollution impairs our skin. The detox and anti-pollution rituals are becoming a norm. 

The Seppic “DEPOLLUTION MASK” has a stringing texture inspired by the sap of trees. It is achieved thanks to a clever ingredients combination of SOLAGUM™ AX, an association of two natural gums, with cornstarch, for a stringing  & non-sticky effect. LANOL P increases the consistency & richness of the “slime” while SEPIMAX ZEN™ brings an elastic effect to the formula & stabilizes the texture. CONTACTICEL™, a red seaweed extract, is the anti-pollution asset of the formula. It limits the pollution-induced sebum and reinforces the skin against ozone attacks on the skin barrier.

Depollution mask - EU07534

To remember

  • A slime texture reminding the sap of trees
    • A combination of a natural polymer with cornstarch creates a stringy but not sticky consistency 
  • Skin barrier reinforcement and oil-control
    • A red seaweed extract obtained through biotechnology reinforces and protects the skin barrier against air pollution