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SEPISMART™ SR-libération prolongée-naturel-compression directe


Excipient from natural origin for sustained release tablets/hard capsules formulation

SEPISMART™ SR is a ready-to-use excipient for sustained release tablet and capsule formulations.

It is a synergistic combination of natural co-processed gums, specially designed for Nutrition applications.

A valuable solution for food supplements

The sustained release technology allows the delivery of an effective amount of active ingredient over time and at a continuous rate.

Sustained release formulations offer a wide range of benefits including:

  • Optimizing the dosage of active ingredients in the formulation
  • Enhancing the absorption of nutrients with low bioavailability
  • Providing high value solutions and marketing differentiation to formulators
  • Avoiding any peak of active ingredients concentration with potential adverse effects
  • Reducing number of intakes for the consumers and improving consumer compliance

Excellent sustained release properties

The carefully selected combination of natural gums allows SEPISMART™ SR to swell immediately in the presence of water and form a thick gel layer around the tablet.

As a result, the soluble active ingredients diffuse slowly through the gel layer whereas the insoluble ones are released gradually by tablet erosion.

Easy-to-use in direct compression

Thanks to the synergistic effect of the gums and the process used, SEPISMART™ SR is easy-to-use in direct compression.

SEPISMART™ SR has an excellent flowability and can be easily processed.

Tablets containing SEPISMART™ SR show excellent results in terms of hardness and friability at low compression forces.

Tablets formulated with SEPISMART™ SR in direct compression can then be coated if needed without altering the sustained release properties. It is fully compatible with:

  • functional coating agents such as SEPIFILM™ LP when the active ingredient requires moisture protection
  • aesthetic coating agents such as SEPIFILM NAT™ COL giving bright, stable and natural colors to the tablets


Safety Data Sheet

Release your creativity with SEPISMART™ SR

SEPISMART™ SR is your ideal solution to add a touch of innovation to your formulation. In addition to tablets, it can be used as it is:

  • in hard capsules to bring a sustained release effect similar to the one observed in tablet form
  • in granule form


SEPISMART™ SR  is fully compliant for use in Food Supplements in the EU and in the US.

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SEPISMART™ SR - White paper

  • May 16, 2023
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