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SEPINEO™ SE 68, a glucolipid self-emulsifying system for topicals. Cetearyl alcohol, Cetearyl glucoside

SEPINEO™ SE 68 is an emulsifier with vegetal origin designed for the formulation of O/W emulsions for topical applications.

Remarkable properties

SEPINEO SE 68 is a non-ionic glucolipid that easily produces very stable oil/water emulsions. It offers many benefits for the formulator, particularly in terms of simplicity of process and compatibility:

  • No addition of other emulsifiers or thickening agents in some cases
  • No HLB calculation
  • Stable over a wide pH range (3 - 11)
  • Very good resistance to electrolytes
  • Compatible with a large number of excipients
  • Compatible with important quantities of solvents - alcohol, propylene glycol - and fatty phases: ideal for anhydrous formulations
  • Compatible with many active ingredients

An “active” emulsifier promoter of liquid crystals

SEPINEO™ SE 68 forms lamellar bilayers around oil droplets and lamellar phases in the continuous aqueous phase.

This ability to form liquid crystals brings three interesting properties to a O/W emulsion:

  1. Better stability compared to “traditional” O/W emulsions thanks to its viscoelastic properties. The rigid shell around the oil droplets prevents coalescence while the lamellar phase forms an elastic network.
  2. Reinforces the lipid barrier allowing intrinsic hydration of up to 5 hours. The liquid crystals form a water reservoir allowing gradual release and providing a restructuring effect after 15 days of application. SEPINEO™ SE 68 can be used to reduce the feeling of dryness, which is particularly important in some topical treatments.
  3. Helps to vectorize the active ingredient
SEPINEO™ SE 68 : liquid crystals promotor" SEPINEO™ SE 68 : liquid crystals promotor

An emulsifier in perfect harmony with the skin and nature

SEPINEO™ SE 68 has a perfect rheological behaviour for a uniform application of the active ingredient on the skin. Indeed, its rheofluidifying and moderate thixotropic nature will allow an easy and homogeneous spread.

Its sensory profile can be used to formulate rich, velvety creams with a very good skin tolerance, supported by toxicological analyses.

SEPINEO™ SE 68 is an Ecocert accredited biodegradable ingredient.


Safety Data Sheet

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