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Our partner, Anagenix, is an award-winning company established in 2010 in Auckland, New Zealand. Partnering with famous scientific research organisations in New Zealand and in the US, Anagenix provides scientifically proven wholefruit powders grown locally, 100% natural and GMO free.

Discover their nutraceutical ingredients, which are rich in superior bioactive compounds derived from New Zealand-grown kiwifruit. With a powerful combination of dietary fibre, actinidin, vitamins, potassium and folate, they deliver superior nutritional value.

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LIVAUX® Gut Microbiome solution

A freeze-dried whole-fruit powder from gold kiwifruit, LIVAUX® is a clinically proven precision prebiotic which rebalances the gut microbiome.

LIVAUX® targets F. prau, a beneficial gut bacteria associated with increased butyrate production, a postbiotic that, in particular, reduces gut inflammation, increases mucus production and improves the gut barrier function.

It fits symbiotic formulations as it has been tested and formulated in combination with different probiotic strains.  It is naturally FODMAP friendly as its pectin is slowly fermented along the whole length of the colon.

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Daily dose: 600 mg

+0 %

increase of F. Prau abundance

ACTAZIN® For bowel regularity

ACTAZIN® is a freeze-dried whole-fruit powder from green kiwifruit and it is rich in dietary fibers, actinidin and antioxidantsIt is naturally FODMAP friendly.

Two clinical trials and in-vitro studies have scientifically proven its significant action on bowel regularity and symptoms of constipation such as pain, discomfort, bloating and straining.

It enhances protein digestion, as it helps the upper digestive tract break down proteins and eases the sensation of an overfull stomach.

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Daily dose: 600 mg

*Complete Spontaneous Bowel Movements

+0 %

increase in Bristol Stool Scale after 2 weeks


CSBM* per week after 2 weeks

+0 %

increase in collagen digestion

A story of local sourcing

All ingredients developed by Anagenix are traceable to their growing region and sourced from Zespri™-approved packhouses. 

LIVAUX and ACTAZIN derive respectively from Zespri Gold and Green kiwifruit, which are grown and manufactured locally in Te Puke, New Zealand, the "kiwifruit capital of the world".

New Zealand’s growing environment is characterized by high ultraviolet intensities, which cause plants to produce higher volumes of bioactives and polyphenols.

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goal by 2025
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Making the difference

Anagenix is truly committed to minimizing its environmental impact and effectively contributing to our planet’s health.

In particular, it minimizes food waste by only using “ugly fruits” and focusing on renewable sources for its packaging. The fruit used is 100% from local sources (New Zealand), and most of them are GAP* accredited.

Plus, Anagenix actively supports New Zealand growers with high environmental standards and aims at having 100% of their suppliers having signed their sustainable sourcing policy by 2025.

*Good Agricultural Practices

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input fruit classed as “ugly fruit”

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fruit from GAP accredited suppliers

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recyclable and biodegradable packaging