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MONTANE, sorbitan esters solubilizers and emulsifiers


Sorbitan esters, lipophilic solubilizers and emulsifiers

MONTANE™ range is comprised of different sorbitan ester grades that can be used to formulate water-in-oil emulsions for oral, topical and injectable formulations.

Lipophilic emulsifiers

MONTANE™ products are sorbitan esters.

These lipophilic surfactants are used as emulsifiers to formulate water/oil emulsions.

MONTANE™ products are stable in slightly acidic or basic media and are compatible with other surfactants.

They can be used alone or combined with MONTANOX™ to produce highly stable emulsions.

MONTANE™ products can be used in practically all emulsion formulations: creams, ointments, lotions, injectable preparations, etc.

A suitable grade for every application

The MONTANE™ range is composed of monoesters and triesters of lauric, stearate or oleic fatty acids. They are characterised by their HLB (hydrophilic-lipophilic balance) value.

Two pharmaceutical grades are available: PPI and PHA PREMIUM

  • The PPI grade is designed for injectable administration and products are manufactured according to the Good Manufacturing Practices “GMP part II” and comply with the EP and USP pharmacopoeia.
  • The PHA PREMIUM grade is designed for oral and topical administration and products are manufactured according to IPEC’s GMPs and comply with the EP and USP pharmacopoeia.
Commercial name Chemical name HLB Administration
MONTANE™20 PPI Sorbitan laurate 9 Injectable/Oral/Topical
MONTANE™80 PPI Sorbitan oleate 4 Injectable/Oral/Topical
MONTANE™20 PHA PREMIUM Sorbitan laurate 9 Oral/Topical
MONTANE™60 PHA PREMIUM Sorbitan stearate 5 Oral/Topical
MONTANE™80 PHA PREMIUM Sorbitan oleate 4,5 Oral/Topical
MONTANE™83 PHA PREMIUM Sorbitan Sesquioleate 4 Oral /Topical



SEPPIC also offers MONTANE™ in a grade designed for the cosmetics market.


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