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Dietary supplements for your general wellbeing

Healthy Living

Being constantly challenged by stress, fatigue, and various types of disorders, Mind and Body need diets rich in sufficient nutrients to support our active lifestyle protect us from external threats.

Food supplements can help you personalize your nutrition consistently with your everyday needs. Mental well-being, performance improvement, physical recovery, and intestinal motility are some of the most important aspects to consider for your general well-being.

LIVAUX® Gut Microbiome solution

Made from non-GMO New Zealand gold kiwifruit, LIVAUX® offers a new strategy for improving gut microbiome balance.

It is a precision prebiotic, as it significantly improves gut microbiota composition by increasing relative abundance of F .Prau, a beneficial gut bacteria.

F. prau is associated with increased butyrate production, a postbiotic that, in particular, improves intestinal motility, reduces inflammation, increases mucus production and improves the gut barrier function.

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*daily dose 600 mg

** daily dose 2400 mg

up to+0 %

improvement in gastrointestinal symptoms**

+0 %

increase of F.Prau abundance*

+0 %

increase of bowel movements*

ACTAZIN® For bowel regularity

Made from non-GMO New Zealand green kiwifruit, ACTAZIN® is rich in dietary fibers, Actinidin, antioxidants and aminoacids. 

Two clinical trials and in-vitro studies have scientifically proven its significant action on bowel regularity and symptoms of constipation such as pain, discomfort, bloating and straining.

It enhances protein digestion, as it helps the upper digestive tract break down proteins and eases the sensation of an overfull stomach.

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*daily dose 600 mg

**daily dose 2400 mg

+0 %

bowel movements*

+0 %

improvement in constipation parameters**

+0 %

increase in collagen digestion**

SOD B® - EXTRAMEL® Stay away from stress

EXTRAMEL® is a unique melon juice concentrate obtained from a proprietary variety of the Cantaloupe melon.

A high source of natural and protected Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), it has been clinically proven to boost the body’s natural antioxidant defenses, thus preventing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Two clinical studies show that EXTRAMEL® significantly improves the stress perceived and life quality, and shows a relevant impact on mental focus, fatigue, sleep troubles and physical pain.

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*after 4 weeks of supplementation
**after 12 weeks of supplementation

-0 %

stress perceived*

-0 %

mood changes and irritability*

+0 %

mental focus**

SOD B® - MELORUN® The recovery alley

Naturally rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD), MELORUN® avoids oxidative stress and inflammation, two key factors in physical recovery.

It promotes physical well-being and speeds up recovery, with significant clinical results in terms of inflammation level, muscle integrity and decrease of physical fatigue.

MELORUN® shows muscle and joint protection, and promotes mental well-being related to sport-specific stress.

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*after 8 weeks of supplementation

-0 %

physical fatigue*

-0 %

evolution of inflammation level*

-0 %

sport-specific stress*