Beauty from within
Beyond traditional skincare

Beauty from within

Taking care of your skin is a daily challenge.

Unlike other organs, our skin is constantly exposed to the external environment.

The increasing number of stressors and urban threats to our skin, such as pollution, exposure to UV rays, bad food habits, lead us to seek additional protective tools to defend and soothe the skin. The quality of our lifestyle and the nutrients present in our diet significantly affect the health and appearance of the skin, and its ability to protect itself from external stress.

Products for topical use can help us with the daily maintenance of optimal hydration, elasticity and protection of the epidermis. In addition, dietary supplements can integrate topical products in order to provide ingredients ensuring constant and long-lasting effects.

For this reason, Nutricosmetics offers solutions aimed at optimizing, maintaining and supporting the optimal conditions of the skin.

CERAMOSIDES™ Youthful skin from within

Ceramides are lipids that account up to 50% of the skin barrier. When their level in the skin is low, the skin barrier weakens, and loses its moisture.

CERAMOSIDES ™, based on ceramides from plant sources known for their moisturizing and anti-aging properties, is the ideal Active ingredient to take care of your skin and improve its hydration.

Supported by three clinical trials, it shows significant results after only 15 days at low dose. In the last clinical trial, a subgroup of menopausal women demonstrated consistent results with the whole group. The beneficial action of CERAMOSIDES ™ promotes skin elasticity, and facilitates skin barrier replenishment and a plumping effect for a youthful skin from within.

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*after 15 days of supplementation

**after 60 days of supplementation

+0 %

skin elasticity improvement**

+0 %

skin moisturization*

-0 %

wrinkles appearance vs placebo**

CERAMOSIDES™ FOR HAIR Hair growth and strength from the inside out

Ceramosides™ is the first nutraceutical ingredient with ceramides showing clinically proven efficacy on hair growth. 

A clinical study assessed its effectiveness on excessive hair loss. A significant improvement in anagen hair density, hair elasticity, and hair strength was observed in less than 3 months, along with a significant reduction of telogen hair density

Its action was also measured on the scalp, as Ceramosides™ significantly reduced the scalp sebum content on oily hair.

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*in 56 days 

**in 84 days



anagen hairs*

-0 %

telogen hairs proportion**

-0 %

plucked hairs on pull test**

SEPIBLISS™ Comforting sensitive skin

SEPIBLISS ™, the first nutraceutical ingredient for sensitive skin.

Derived from virgin coriander oil, it offers a soothing treatment and effective protection from external chemical and physical stressors, such as UV rays, pollution and environmental conditions threatening the well-being of the skin.

SEPIBLISS™ was assessed in two clinical studies, which recorded a significant decrease in mechanically-induced skin redness and skin stinging reaction in only 14 days. It decreases skin redness induced by UVA and UVB rays and protects the skin from excessive inflammation induced by UV exposure.

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* after 56 days of supplementation, vs. placebo

-0 %

skin redness in 14 days


skin stinging reaction*

-0 %

UV-induced skin inflammation*

SEPITONE™ Healthy glow from the inside out

SEPITONE™ is a unique, natural and high quality fermented wild bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) extract.

The effects of SEPITONE™ were evaluated in a clinical trial on women with dull skin. Its results on skin appearance and skin blood perfusion showed significant improvement on the colour and evenness of the skin tone as well as on the skin roughness.

Polycatechocyanidins confer unique antioxidant properties to  SEPITONE™ with clinically demonstrated improvements on microcirculation.

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* after 12 weeks of supplementation

+0 %

skin complexion evenness improvement*

+0 %

skin roughness improvement*

+0 %

antioxidant action*