Pet care products - market, products, specialities and challenges

  • October 18, 2021
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Pet care products - market, products, specialities and challenges

Bettina Barlog

In 2020, a pet lived in almost every 2nd German household, a total of around 34.9 million pets of various kinds. In recent years, and especially in the past pandemic and home office year, the number of pets has increased significantly: Between 2019 and 2020 alone, the number grew by about 1 million animals.

Number of pets in private households in Germany

Number of pets in private households in Germany

Cats represent the most popular pet of the Germans with a number of about 15.7 million animals, followed by dogs with 10.7 million animals. Especially among cat and dog owners there has been a massive influx in recent years and 75% of all pets in Germany are either cats or dogs. This means that the most cats and also dogs in Europe live in Germany. 

In contrast, the trends in other groups of pets such as small animals (e.g. guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits), pet birds, fish in aquariums and garden ponds, and animals in terrariums remain at a relatively constant level. 1

Heimtiere in Deutschland

Due to the growing love of animals, the German pet market is developing into one of the largest sales markets in Europe. Sales in the German pet market have risen steadily in recent years, with the pet supplies and accessories segment already increasing by 3.5% last year alone.23

Pet Care

The view and attitude towards pets is also changing: more and more pet owners behave like a "parent" towards their pet and give it increasing attention also with regard to the holistic well-being of the animal.4

And so the pet care market is also of increasing importance. Even though it is one of the smallest markets, it is still an established market with a steady financial growth over the past decade. The global pet care market was valued at $3,872 million in 2017 and is expected to reach $5,488 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of approximately 4.5%.5

The pet care products market is divided into 4 categories: Shampoo & Conditioner, Comb & Brush, Clippers & Shears and Others. 

The market is dominated by shampoos and conditioners as they are the most commonly used by pet owners. This is due to the fact that shampoos & conditioners are specialized pet care products that nourish, cleanse and neutralize odor on the skin and coat of pets, especially for the most common pets like dogs and cats. 

Other products in the Others category include toothpaste for brushing teeth and massage oils for massaging pets.

An example formulation is the paw care oil for moisturizing and suppleness. The transparent serum consists of a unique combination of natural oils, including EMOGREEN™ L19 the easily biodegradable alternative to silicone oils (Cosmos certified)!


Refresh and/or cleanse your pet on the go with these gentle and fresh wipes. The formulation is based on our natural emulsifier FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY for fluid systems in combination with SEPIMAX ZEN™, which helps stabilize the very fluid emulsion.


Pets can develop annoying odors. This is where the Shine & Odor Neutralizing Spray, a dermo-protective spray specially developed for pets to protect and clean, comes to the rescue! It is based on the active ingredient combination LIPACIDE™ C8G & LIPACIDE™ UG, the ideal dermo-protection for pets: LIPACIDE™ C8G, a biovector glycine, protects and regulates the skin by restoring the "acid mantle". It acts as a protective agent in cosmetic formulations, has anti-dandruff and anti-irritation properties, and reduces the amount of preservatives needed. LIPACIDE™ UG is a dermo-protective agent for skin and hair that fights the proliferation of germs responsible for skin and coat problems. It has deodorizing properties. By protecting the formulations, it is also the ideal solution for sensitive skin.


LIPACIDE™ C8G and LIPACIDE™ UG is also the optimal combination of active ingredients for a micellar lotion for application, specifically designed for cleaning dog and cat ears! It also reduces the amount of preservatives.


Horses want to be pampered too. This cream gel, developed for horse legs shows an immediate soothing effect for veterinary topical application!


You would like to know more? Feel free to ask us about our pet care presentation with even more information and formulations.



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