Inspifactory Episode 3: Extremophiles, from survival to beauty

  • July 13, 2021
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Inspifactory Episode 3: Extremophiles, from survival to beauty

The Inspifactory is our factory of inspiration and storytelling with Seppic active ingredients. This includes a series of Youtube episodes focusing on niche trends and our active ingredient science. Episode 3 is about Extremophiles, from survival to beauty.

Over the millennia, life on Earth has continuously evolved, adapted and thrived. 

Rare organisms are able to survive in hostile conditions, such as high pressure, extreme drought, freezing cold, very low pH, and intense radiation. They are called extremophiles and they have been around for a long time. Some NASA scientists hypothesize that life on Earth may have even begun with extremophiles found in hydrothermal vents far below the Earth's surface, in a habitat of extreme temperature and pressure. 2

Due to the fact that extremophiles have developed highly effective, specific, and protective mechanisms, they have become a fascinating topic of research in the medical, pharmaceutical, and skin care industries. Indeed, extremophiles thrive in their environment thanks to complex and protective mechanisms, offering unique molecules of interest. Therefore, considering the increasing impact of the exposome on the skin, extremophiles are a source of inspiration to find solutions to help the skin adapt better.

There are many types of extremophiles residing in various environments. 

Among them is the microalgae Scenedesmus obliquus, discovered in the 80s by a researcher from the University of Paris VI. It is native to the Sahel desert. The Sahel, from the Arabic حل ِسا" َsāḥil" meaning "shoreline", is an arid region bordering the Sahara. Formerly covered by an ocean that receded 15 million years ago, the desert today stretches from West to East for more than 2,000 million miles.

But the microalgae has survived there, while it has a very high water requirement. Indeed, it can resist in spite of the strong radiation in these regions, thanks to an original morphological and pigment mechanism that enables it to become dormant when the environment is dangerous for its survival but also to revive its functions very quickly when the conditions are appropriate. It’s the ability of poikilohydry.

Inspired by this extremophilic property, Seppic has developed BIOPLASMA™, an extract of this desert survivor microalgaeBIOPLASMA™ BG or BIOPLASMA™ FA offers epidermis detoxification and cellular energizing, even in stressed conditions. It helps to reduce skin dryness and wrinkles. 

This how we believe there is no greater inspiration than life itself to empower beauty.

Episode 3: Extremophiles, from survival to beauty

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