Inspifactory Episode 1: Colors & Active of the Year 2021

  • July 12, 2021
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Inspifactory Episode 1: Colors & Active of the Year 2021

The Inspifactory is our factory of inspiration and storytelling with Seppic active ingredients. This includes a series of Youtube episodes focusing on niche trends and our active ingredient science. Episode 1 is all about Colors & Active of the Year 2021

For 2021, the influential Pantone® Color Institute has defined two colors of the year: PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. The union of these colors represents the collective desire for strength and optimism of the world, following a year of unprecedented uncertainty.

Same as Pantone®, we have selected our cosmetic active ingredient of the year based on our understanding of new consumer insights.

Our surveys reveal that in the wake of the health crisis, consumers are looking for more than just natural cosmetic products and ingredients, they expect evidence of a more sustainable product manufacturing and they now place importance on reliable expert figures and technologies in science.

Therefore, our cosmetic active ingredient of the year 2021 is HYDRACHRYSUM™, a plant cell lysate from the Everlasting of Dunes.

The Everlasting of the Dunes, Helichrysum stoechas, which is found in regions where dunes, wind and sun mingle, and especially on the Brittany coast, is a plant with small grey leaves and stems and yellow flowers.

The grey of the Everlasting leaves and stems comes from the downy hairs that cover them, allowing the plant to survive with very little water. This grey is the symbol of the Everlasting’s strength to survive in an austere environment. From this strength emerges hopeful optimist yellow flowers that last even when the plant dries out.

We find a comparison with our societies, having gone through a gray period and deprivation last year, but which are moving towards a more optimistic future.

Inspired by this plant, our scientists have designed HYDRACHRYSUM™.

Beyond the inspiration of the plant colors, this active meets the new consumers expectations. It has been designed thanks to our sustainable plant cells culture technology Celtosome™. Our scientists collect a very small piece of the plant and then reproduce and cultivate in bioreactors the dedifferentiated native cells of the plant. Thus, we obtain HYDRACHRYSUM™ and its unique molecular richness made up of hydrophilic & lipophilic molecules derived from the dedifferentiated plant cells and also specific ones secreted in the medium, to take care of dry skin.

This is how we combine science and nature for a more sustainable beauty of tomorrow!

The Inspifactory serie - Episode 1: Colors & Active of the Year 2021

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