Holistic beauty approach for more well-being: SEPIBLISS™ FEEL

  • April 21, 2023
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Holistic beauty approach for more well-being: SEPIBLISS™ FEEL

More and more people in Germany are looking for ways to improve their psychological well-being due to crises such as the coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis and financial instability. In Germany, the perception of stress is widespread, especially among the younger generations, it is almost ubiquitous. In August 2022, 93% of Generation Z said they were stressed, compared to only 59% of baby boomers. It is notable that 51% of Generation Z are interested in products designed to promote mental wellbeing, and 45% plan to spend more time on active measures to maintain their mental health post-pandemic. This compares to only, but still 30%, for all adults. The COVID 19 pandemic in particular has led to increased health awareness among consumers worldwide. This is also reflected in Germany where, according to Mintel, 58% say that their mental health will be more important in 2020 than before. 

When dealing with stress and anxiety, beauty routines can also make a positive contribution and are becoming increasingly popular. 13 percent of stressed Germans used beauty/body care products in August 2022 to better cope with stress, for example by turning daily care rituals into moments of self-care.1

SEPIBLISS™ FEEL for a holistic beauty experience on the skin

In this time when well-being is as important as appearance, Seppic has developed SEPIBLISS™ FEEL, an active ingredient that works on the skin and well-being to provide a holistic beauty experience.

SEPIBLISS™ FEEL is a patented, natural oil made from coriander seeds. It is extracted and manufactured in France using a special process to ensure good skin tolerance. Its high content of petroselinic acid, a fatty acid known for its skin-soothing properties, makes it an ingredient with unique properties.

Seppic's research teams have tested its effectiveness with innovative in vitro models such as an acupuncture-like anti-stress effect (reduction of an oxidative stress marker), protection of the production of happiness molecules (β-endorphins and oxytocins) and calming properties (inhibition of crucial factors in the inflammatory process and neuronal protection).

In vivo, a calming and soothing effect, compared to placebo, was confirmed. 63% of the test subjects felt better and more comfortable when using the SEPIBLISS™ FEEL formulation. This compares to only 35% for the placebo formulation.

COSMOS and Natrue certified, oil soluble, unpreserved, 100% natural according to ISO 16128, China compliant, as well as a holistic beauty experience and enhanced well-being, all this is offered by SEPIBLISS™ FEEL.

SEPIBLISS™ for more skin comfort from the inside

Seppic also offers SEPIBLISS™ as a nutritional supplement, for skin comfort and soothing from within, as an innovative In&Out concept.

SEPIBLISS™ is the first oral ingredient specifically designed for sensitive skin to provide an efficient and convenient soothing solution for all skin types. It is inspired by ancient times, when coriander seeds unleashed healing powers due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. SEPIBLISS™ is a virgin coriander seed oil with a high petroselinic acid content.

SEPIBLISS™ acts on 4 phenomena of skin reactivity:

  1. Nerve calming effect: SEPIBLISS ™ is able to reduce the activation of nociceptive mechanisms.
  2. Anti-inflammatory action: SEPIBLISS ™ is able to protect keratinocytes from excessive inflammation.
  3. Antioxidant effect
  4. Barrier strengthening effect

SEPIBLISS™ thus helps combat and resist a wide range of environmental aggressors such as UV radiation, pollution, stress, etc. and soothes and calms sensitive, reactive, irritated and atopic dermatitis-prone skin.

Unpleasant reactions such as itching, tingling, irritation, redness... are reduced.

SEPIBLISS™ FEEL and SEPIBLISS™ for a holistic skin and soul experience

With 33% of Germans happy to buy products to enhance mental wellbeing, brands can use calming ingredients for moments of self-care and stress management, for example.1 As such, SEPIBLISS™ FEEL and SEPIBLISS™ help to alleviate the growing and global concern about skin sensitivity and reactivity and is one way to improve psychological well-being. In both topical and oral beauty care, this soothing and calming ingredient fits perfectly into the modern skincare routine - for holistic skin and soul care

1 Mintel - Summary stress management and mental well-being 2023 - Germany