Green solubilizers for your formulations

  • February 26, 2021
  • 2 mins of read time

Green solubilizers for your formulations

Solubilizers help dissolve poorly soluble substances in a solvent, such as hydrophobic compounds in aqueous formulations.
These include vegetable or mineral oils or silicone oils, esters, organic sunscreens and vitamins. But also active ingredients , lipo-amino acids and their derivatives can be solubilised with it. Furthermore, solubilizers can be used in pigments, dyes, inorganic sunscreens or antiperspirants and can improve the clarity of aqueous gels.

Challenge: Dissolving hydrophobic compounds with natural solubilizers

It is often tricky to incorporate oily substances into the water phase without using polysorbates or ethoxylated ingredients.

Thanks to Seppic's expertise in green chemistry, we offer two plant-based, natural solubilizers. Both types are liquid, cold processable and therefore easy to use and energy efficient.


SEPICLEAR™ G7 is a powerful, non-ionic solubilizer derived from sugar and castor seeds.
Unlike other natural solubilizers, it does not produce foam, which is an essential point when formulating cosmetic products such as toners, facial waters or aqueous gels.

INCI: Heptyl Glucoside


Main properties:

  • Excellent solubilizer*.
  • Non-foaming surfactant (CMC 8.2 g/l)
  • Not noticeable by smell

Other properties: GMO free, COSMOS & Natrue certified, biodegradable, EO and PEG free, NOC 100% according to ISO 16128

Here you can find a frame formulation:

EU07358 - Velvet freshness gelled makeup-remover


ORAMIX™ CG110 is an ultra gentle solvent and cleanser with high foaming power and stability. It is a non-ionic surfactant derived from sugar.

INCI: Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside



Main properties:

  • Solubiliser for perfume and essential oils*.
  • Gentle surfactant for cleansing
  • Produces a fine and rich foam (from ≈2 %, CMC 1.7 g/l) 

Other properties: GMO free, COSMOS & Natrue certified, RSPO MB certified, biodegradable, EO and PEG free, NOC 100% according to ISO 16128, China listed.

Here you can find sample formulations:

AS40033 - Deo Micellar Water

EU07447 - natural shower gel with essential oils

EU07502 - Multi benefits marine serum

EU07600 - Ecofriendly, silky shower cream

*Solubility of SEPICLEAR™ G7 & ORAMIX™ CG 110 for essential oils and fragrances available on request!