Inspifactory Episode 5: Colour & Active ingredient of the year 2022

  • January 24, 2022
  • 2 minutes of read time

Inspifactory Episode 5: Colour & Active ingredient of the year 2022

The famous Pantone® Color Institute has defined PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri as the colour of the year for 2022. It is a new, violet-tinged blue, a bold colour that vividly represents the emergence of more and more technologies in our daily lives and inspires bold inventiveness.

Based on the Pantone® colour, its meaning and our own insights into new consumer experiences in beauty, we have selected our cosmetic ingredient of the year based on the Pantone® colour.

Indeed, our surveys show that in times of isolation and health uncertainties, consumers have relied heavily on digital and scientific fields, leading to an interest in technologies, including cosmetics.

Our cosmetic ingredient of the year 2022 is CELTOSOME™ Eryngium maritimum.

Coinciding with the colour of the year

Eryngium maritimum, also known as sea thistle, grows on the Breton coast. 

It is the sapphire of the Breton dunes: with its violet-blue flower, it is a precious plant that is protected. Indeed, the plant shows a strong adaptability to survive in a sandy environment with high salinity; but due to the high human presence on the seashore, it must now be protected and not harvested.

A biotechnologically produced active ingredient

Thanks to their ingenuity and technological ambition, BiotechMarine's laboratories have succeeded in exploring the sea thistle's capabilities and offering them to the cosmetics industry.

They have creatively developed the CELTOSOME™ technology. It enables the cultivation of undifferentiated plant cells in a bioreactor in a sustainable way without harvesting the plant and compromising biodiversity. Moreover, undifferentiated cells behave like a "molecule factory" waiting for the appropriate culture conditions to synthesise targeted active ingredients that may differ in composition from those of the original plant.

In this way we obtain a concentrated and pure plant stem cell active ingredient called CELTOSOME™ Eryngium maritimum, with more than 100 million cells per gram of active ingredient. This means that if it is formulated in a cream with 0.05 % application concentration, it is equivalent to about 50,000 cells in 1 g of cream applied daily!

Thanks to its specific composition of phenolic acids and flavonols, it supports the renewal and firmness of the skin.

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