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EU07480 - Recharge your skin's battery

Recharge your skin's battery Fresh aromatherapy cream gel


A light and fresh cream gel infused with essential oils * to relax your muscles with an icy effect (peppermint) and calm your skin after workout (eucalyptus and wintergreen).

AQUAXYL™ moisturizes the skin after workout.
SEPITONIC™ M3.0 boosts the skin oxygenation (in vivo) to promote the recuperation after effort.
SEPIMAX ZEN™ and SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 combination stabilizes the cream gel rich in actives, in alcohol (8%) as well as the menthol and essential oils mix (1.5%).
SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 gives a fresh quick-break effect and SEPIMAX ZEN™ brings a velvet touch and a soft skin finish.
EMOGREEN™ L15 reinforces the cream gel emollience by forming a light and fastly absorbed protection on the skin surface.

Non sticky feeling after application proven by an expert panel and 80 consumers.

Enjoy a relaxing break for your body and mind before your next workout!

* Not suitable for essential oils sensitive persons and pregnant women.