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Ecofriendly silky shower cream


Ecofriendly Silky Shower Cream is made of natural and biodegradable ingredients and formulated without alkylsulfate to wash the skin in all serenity.

AQUAXYL™, together with sweet almond oil, gently moisturizes the skin.

The gentle foaming base contains 8.43% active ingredient including ORAMIX™ NS 10 and ORAMIX™ CG110, natural surfactants, and PROTEOL™ APL EF which respects the skin barrier.

FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY allows the creation of a light and fluid emulsion by cold process. EMOGREEN™ L19 promotes a glide-on soft touch. This formula is stabilized and thickened by the combination of natural gums SOLAGUM™ AX and hydroxyethylcellulose. SOLAGUM™ AX leaves a soft film on the skin.