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EU07162A - Daily wrinkles stop SPF 25

Daily wrinkles stop SPF 25


Ethno-cosmetic theme: a classical but complete action day cream rich in active ingredients that answer to caucasian skin problems: UV protection and the fight against ageing.
  • Combination between MONTANOV™ 202 and MONTANOV™ 82 for a mixted texture.
  • SEPIPLUS™ S provides a feeling of a long lasting comfort,
  • SEPIMAT™ SB gives a powdery finish.
  • SOLAGUM™ AX and LANOL™ P provide a specific consistency and help to stabilize the formula.
  • SURVICODE™ fights ageing by preventing new and long lasting wrinkles.
  • SEPITONIC™ M3 has a cellular chrono-energizing.