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Cosmetics: Emotions by Textures

4 concepts around 4 different emotions

Cosmetic textures, always more creative, give emotions to consumers. SEPPIC has designed a texture wheel with 4 concepts that build around 4 different emotions.

4 concepts / 4 textures / 4 emotions

The Minimalist concept or the need to be reassured!

Simplicity, frugality of ingredients, back to basic

Chic and fresh texture: Moisturizing serum - EU06997
Multifunctional ingredient, SEPINOV™ EMT 10, strongly stabilizes minimalist formulas rich in electrolytes.

The Nude skin concept or sublimate natural beauty!

Purity, simplicity and transparency

Velvety matte & invisible veil: Velvety spray for men - EU06952A
SENSANOV™ WR emulsifier, brings a velvety, matt and powdered touch for light textures. Ideal for men!

The Cocooning concept or the feeling of comfort and protection!

Softness, shine, richness to feel unique

Fresh and light texture: Cocooning purifying serum - EU07024A
Patented technology, GELTRAP™, gel in oil extra rich in water, offers light, fresh, emollient and non greasy textures.

The Oxymoron concept or the harmony of paradoxes!

Transforming textures that stimulate your emotions to be pleasantly surprised

A transparent gel and a rich emulsion turning into sparkling foam
Pop Rocks Energizing Mousse: Acid Gel - EU07335A + Emulsion - EU07335B
SEPIMAX™ ZEN polymer, stabilizes the transparent gel containing citric acid and SEPIPLUS™ 400 polymer, stabilizes the emulsion with sodium bicarbonate.

Texture Wheel
"Emotions are responsible for 95% of our decisions."

Nicolas Delattre, Feel Data Strategist at Datakalab, in a publication on