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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ensuring the performance over the long term by acting responsibly on a daily basis, improving operations and integrating social and environmental aspects into decision-making, are the stakes of Seppic policy.

The 3 pillars

① Innovation
Develop products and processes that have at least one environmental and health benefit

② Environment
Act to continuously reduce the global environmental impact of Seppic activities

③ Social and Societal
Develop employees and involve suppliers, customers, communities and stakeholders


2020 objective: 100% of new products bring at least one environmental or health benefit

Every time Seppic designs a new product, it brings at least one environmental, social or health benefit with the following criteria:

  • The raw materials used to manufacture the product are sustainable, bio-based or obtained through one of the 12 principles of Green Chemistry,
  • Limit impact on forests (RSPO for sustainable palm oil for instance),
  • Green chemistry principles are used to manufacture the product with a reduced environmental impact,
  • The product packaging has an improved environmental profile,
  • Customers’ processes have a lower environmental impact (lower consumption of energy or water, lower waste level, lower CO₂ emission),
  • The environmental footprint of the product at end of life is reduced, with lower environmental toxicity or better biodegradability,
  • The product has a positive impact on local communities involved in the production of raw materials, product manufacturing or transportation,
  • A key function of the product improves health.


2020 objective: -20% reduction of the impact of Seppic manufacturing plants (with 2012 baseline)

20% reduction in water consumption

  • Optimization of manufacturing processes to reduce water consumption.

20% reduction of waste

  • Minimization of the organic content of liquid effluents by optimizing production processes.
  • Development of new ways to re-value solid wastes and packaging

20% reduction of CO₂ emission and Energy consumption

  • Implementation of a management system for greenhouse gases to reduce CO₂ emissions at plants and distribution centers.
  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions from product transportation.
  • Implementation of an efficiency management system for energy on all production sites and use of energy performance criteria in the design of new manufacturing equipment.

Seppic participated in the ADEME experiment on the implementation of a quantification method for greenhouse gas

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Creating value starts with people

Commit to safety, occupational health and well being.

Seppic's first priority is safety, health, and the well-being of its employees everywhere. We stive to build a culture of safety, aim for an incident-free workplace.


  • Applying International Occupational Health and Safety Management Standards
  • Applying the best health and wellness benefits for all employees

Encourage lifelong learning and development to ensure employability

Seppic gives its employees the chance to grow professionally through regular training and career development tools


  • Train each employee regardless of where in the world

Value diversity and create a culture of inclusion

The diversity of Seppic teams is necessary to understand customers in more than 100 countries. An inclusive workplace culture that values different perspectives builds employee engagement and fosters innovation.


  • Recruit and retain a broad spectrum of employees with different backgrounds and experiences.

A socially responsible company

Involving stakeholders

Seppic, involves its suppliers, customers and stakeholders in social responsibility.


  • Be ethical in doing business,
  • Evaluate and select all strategic suppliers based on social and environmental performance,
  • Better transparency on sourcing,
  • Develop sustainable sourcing with suppliers (for example RSPO for sustainable palm oil),
  • Develop sustainable CSR projects with customers.

Involve all of Seppic's entities around the globe

Seppic contributes to the development of local communities in which it operates.


  • Involve each Seppic entity in a community project regardless of where in the world,
  • Develop locally new specific sourcings.