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Coatings and Varnishes for Wood

Additives and resins for industrial paints and varnishes & lacquers

SEPPIC offers additives such as plasticizers, dispersion of reactive diluents, antistatic and coalescing agents including resins from KURARAY: polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and polyvinylic alcohols (PVOH).

Improve the quality and performance of paints and coatings

The range of polyvynil butyral (PVB) MOWITAL™ resins of Kuraray is used as binders and primers in industrial coatings and wood varnishes.

Polyvinylic alcohols (PVOH) KURARAY POVAL™ are widely used as polymerization aids, binders and plasticizers.

Sorbitan esters MONTANE™ and alkylpolyglucosides (APG) SIMULSOL™ SL are used to disperse pigments, stalize systems and improve the penetration in the wood surface.

The SIMALINE™ range is used to formulate water in oil (W/0) emulsions easily.

Polyacrylamides SOLAGUM™ USPI and SOLAGUM™ SH 210 are added to paint formulations to achieve optimal viscosity and good stability during storage.

DELESTAT™ antistatic agents are used to control the conductivity in the process of coating by electrodeposition.

Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) resins

This range of resins is distributed by SEPPIC for Kuraray in France.