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Why choose SEPPIC?

Join a human-scale company which is part of a large group.

By joining SEPPIC you become part of a company where passionate men and women share their expertise every day. SEPPIC offers its employees a wealth of diverse career opportunities.

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Some good reasons to come and work at SEPPIC

  • I want to be proactive in my career
  • I love challenges
  • I choose a company with international growth
  • Technical expertise has always interested me!
  • I join a company that encourages promotion from within

Community initiatives

SEPPIC offers its employees the opportunity to get involved in community activities or initiatives.

"Monthly Microdon: €1 donated by the employee + €2 contributed by SEPPIC = €3 paid to a community association"
  • A day spent at an association during 1 day of leave or reduced working time day (RTT)
  • Donation of days between employees when a family member is seriously ill
  • Homework help and support for employees’ children

A socially responsible company

Diversity is one of the pillars of the Air Liquide Human Resources strategy. It is defined as the mix of nationalities, gender, age, experience, ethnicity and education. Air Liquide recognizes that promoting diversity requires adaptability, flexibility, and understanding of different values, beliefs, and expectations. The diversity of workforce creates the opportunity to listen and understand different points of view, to think in new ways, and to widen the vision of recruitment to attract the best talents.

On Boarding Seminar

On Boarding Seminar

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On Boarding Seminar

Each year, SEPPIC organizes a seminar to get recent employees on board.

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Over four days, employees from all over the world have the opportunity to learn more about the organization and activities of SEPPIC, discuss with other employees and managers, and visit production sites and the research centers. This event is full of exchanges, opening up and collaboration.