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Detoxifying & anti-stress

A researcher at the University of Paris VI isolated this special strain called Scenedesmus Sahel, from Sahel desert sand.


Aqua/Water - Butylene Glycol - Plankton Extract

Desert microalgae for cell energy:

BIOPLASMA™ BG: detoxifying & anti-stress. BIOPLASMA™ BG is an extract from Scenedesmus Sahel culture. The Scenedesmus is a phytoplankton constituted of unicellular algae, also known as microalgae from the desert. Thanks to an original morphological & pigmentary equipment, Scenedesmus Sahel resists despite of the strong irradiation.

If phytoplankton protects itself from UV, it might contribute to protect the skin against oxydation.

Skin care applications for desert microalgae

Benefits on volunteers:

  • Decreases of TEWL after 2 hours: -6%

Mode of action:

  • ATP: +27%
  • ATP after ozone stress: +39%
  • ATP after H2O2 stress: +45%

Detoxifying proteins

BIOPLASMA™ BG Cell Detox by mimetism & Wrinkles reduction


  • Epidermis detoxification
  • Cell energizing
  • Senescence downregulation
  • Hydratation in VIVO vs placebo


  • Solubility: water soluble
  • Form: liquid
  • Use level: 1%