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An extract of Asparagopsis armata, a seaweed that contains Mycosporine-like aminoacids (MAA).

ASPAR’AGE™ contains Mycosporine-like aminoacids. we proved that this biomarker of efficacy actually contributes into the regulation of the effect of “Senescence Messaging Secretome” in order to reduce contagious aging effect on young cells.



Aqua / Water - Propanediol - Asparagopsis Armata Extract

ASPAR’AGE™ is a new active ingredient from the red seaweed Asparagopsis armata, reducing the contagious aging.

Our skin is continually under stresses, resulting in accelerating aging. An inner cause of this accelerating aging is called “Senescence Messaging Secretome” (SMS), which is involved in contagious aging from senescent cells to neighbouring young cells.

A marine animal, a sea hare, feeds on Asparagopsis armata which contains Mycosporine-like aminoacids (MAA). It uses MAA as an intraspecific alarm through chemical communication (they communicate with each other). In a bio-inspiration approach, we investigated if the MAA might also give skin benefit in a regulation of cell to cell communication.

SEPPIC developed ASPAR’AGE™, an extract of Asparagopsis armata containing MAA as a biomarker (contributor of efficacy).

Thanks to a new model of evaluation in vitro developed by SEPPIC, ASPAR’AGE™ is able to protect young cells from senescence induced by SMS, offering the perfect solution to reduce contagious aging.

As a clinical benefit,  ASPAR’AGE™ improves the perception of age: in a healthy-aging approach, what matters is not only what instruments measure on skin as a benefit, but also what people perceive by looking at you.

After a 28 day treatment, volunteers compare the pictures of each volunteer D28 versus D0. ASPAR’AGE™ contributes to improve the skin appearance. Skin is perceived younger by people, which is also confirmed by instruments measurements.


Solubility: hydrosoluble
Form: liquide
Use level : 2%
Preservative free
China approved (IECIC)
Ecocert & Cosmos certified, Natrue, Halal