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Ambiaty Extract


Anti-aging care sourced from a malagasy endemic plant

AMBIATY EXTRACT is an anti-aging active ingredient that stimulates the dermis activation and protection. With an action on the synthesis of GAGs, Collagen and key elements of the DEJ, this dermis protector is perfect for firming efficacy. It also reduces the glycation.


INCI: Aqua/Water - Glycerin - Vernonia Appendiculata Leaf Extract

Mode of action

Helps the DEJ structuration by boosting the synthesis of Collagen IV (+24%), anchoring systems activation (Cytokeratin 14, Nidogen, Laminin-5, Integrin).
An action on GAGs, MMP-1 (-22%).
ROS protection (+92%) complete his mode of action.It also reduces the glycation (-37%)


Solubility: water soluble
Form: liquid
Use level: 1 to 2%
Preservative free
Titrated extract in DHC, chloro & isochlorogenic acids