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EU07385 - Algae Spaghetti Make-up Remover

Algae spaghetti make-up remover


Make up remover in a spaghetti shape inspirated from algae. The rebirth of algae in a jar.
  • PHLOROGINE™ BG PF, known as Royal Sugar Kelp is a brown alga sourced in Brittany. It has a dermo-purifyingaction for oily skins.
  • JUVENESSENCE™ AD, an extract from brown seaweed, helps the skin to rejuvinate.
  • A solid, elastic and stable jellified spaghetti can be obtained with the SOLAGUM™ TARA – Agar association.
  • SEPINOV™ ETM 10 helps to the formation of a delicate extra light milk when the spaghetti is rubbed on the moistened skin.
  • The combination EMOSMART™ L19/EMOSMART™ V21 brings a sensorial experience to the make up remover with a pleasant light, gliding and non greasy skin feel.
  • A fun concept representing the rebirth of seaweeds bringing refreshment and vitality to your make-up removal