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Protection and straightening of unruly hair
Aqua/Water - Butylene Glycol - Alaria Esculenta Extract

ALARIANE takes its properties from the brown seaweed Alaria Esculenta which lives in a rough ecosystem (wind, winter storm, waves...) in the Bréhat Archipelago, Brittany coast, west of France). Thanks to this origin, it protects and straightens the unruly hair.


Anti-frizzy action for this active which protects and smoothes the unruly hair. The hair is relaxed, easy to combing.
ALARIANE fights against oxidative stress and brings amino acids, minerals and vitamins for a healthy hair.

-24 %

oxydative stress under UVB agression


Shampoos and hair cares for unruly hair


1 ex vivo test
Solubility: water soluble
Form: liquid
Use level: 1%
Preservative free