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Model-shaped adipocytes thanks to this proline biovector lipoamino acid: redefines the figure

ADIPOSLIM™ has a “curative” slimming action with caffeine-like effectiveness. The skin's orange-peel appearance is reduced due to an anti-storage, lipolytic and fat release action.


INCI: Sorbitan Laurate & Lauroyl Proline

ADIPOSLIM has a patented and in vivo proven slimming effectiveness.

3 stage action:

  • Anti-storage: inhibits fat from entering the adipocytes
  • Lipolytic action, caffeine-like
  • Fat release action: recycles the fatty acids released from the adipocytes into energy (ATP)

In vivo:

  • The orange-peel appearance is reduced, the skin’s smoothness is dermatologically measured
  • The reduced fat infiltration in the dermis has be seen using ultrasound


  • Body care
  • Suncare gel-creams; emulsions compatible with caffeine and ethanol


1 in vivo test
solubility: amphiphilic
Appearance: liquid
Dose: 3%

Approved in China
Complies with the ECOCERT label
Complies with the NATRUE label
RSPO (book & claim)


less visible cellulite


volunteers with a positive answer to the treatment


ATO (Fat recycled into energy)