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Quinoa double action: maintains the figure and a fresh gaze

ADIPOLESS is a high-quality extract of quinoa grown in Canada (patented original extraction procedure)

Double action:
Anti-angiogenesis slimming action. ADIPOLESS maintains the figure by preventing the formation of new fat.
Anti-dark circles action. ADIPOLESS maintains a fresh gaze by reducing the concentration of red blood cells responsible for the colour of dark circles.


INCI: Butylene Glycol & Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract

Maintains the figure

ADIPOLESS, a preventive slimming aid, controls the number of functional adipocytes.

  • Pre-adipocytes are put on a diet (anti-angiogenesis action)
  • Reduces fat storage (anti-differentiation action of the pre-adipocytes)

Maintains the freshness of the gaze

ADIPOLESS revitalizes the eyes by limiting dark circles (in vivo proven within 28 days)

  • External attacks have less impact on the eye contour: strengthens the capillaries and maintains skin elasticity.


  • Body care
  • Transparent slimming formulations
  • Eye contour


1 in vivo test
Solubility: water-soluble
Appearance: liquid
Dose: 2%

Approved in China


Pre-adipocytes differentiation vs control


Angiogenesis vs control

-16 a.u.

vs placebo: dark circles are faded