SEPPIC expands into a new market with the launch of Eliclear 4U


In Cosmetics 2013 (Paris, 16-18 April), SEPPIC launches Eliclear 4U* a rheological modifier that thickens, suspends and gives good clarity to surfactant based personal hygiene formulations.

A leader in rheology modifiers with its Sepigel, Simulgel, Sepinov, and Sepimax ranges, SEPPIC recently partnered with COATEX, a specialist in HASE/ASE chemistry to strengthen its position by expanding into the personal hygiene market with the launch of Eliclear 4U.

Highly anticipated—formulators will finally be able to respond to market demands for excellent clarity and unwavering suspension for both traditional and sulphate free surfactant based systems. This easy-to-use, liquid, hydrophobically-modified alkali swellable emulsion (HASE) polymer thickens as well as stabilizes from pH 5.

Arnita Wofford, Polymer Product Manager at SEPPIC says:
Eliclear 4U unleashes a formulator’s creativity! Thankfully choosing between aesthetics and functionality is obsolete. This easy-to-use liquid incorporates into all types of formulations and its versatility with different surfactants and particles makes it an important tool for tomorrow’s personal hygiene formulations.


* Acrylates Copolymer

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